Year 7 Visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Year 7 Visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Our Community Highfield Prep School

On the Thursday before Half Term, Year 7 went to the Historic Dockyard in Portsmouth. Once out of the coach, we walked past beautiful statues and sculptures, and some other impressive historic ships such as HMS Warrior, and some modern ones still used by the Navy today. We went into the HMS Victory Museum and waited in a hall with walls covered with intricate diagrams of the ship. We then watched a short film about the Battle of Trafalgar, and the differing perspectives of Nelson and Napoleon.  This was followed by a tour of rooms full of wax models of sailors, designed to show us what life was like on HMS Victory.  It was very realistic and, at times, quite scary! After that, we came to a painting of Trafalgar by W.L. Wiley. It was amazing and very detailed. Then came the gallery, with lots of exhibits of the battle. Once everyone had explored the gallery we bought small souvenirs from the shop.
The Nelson Museum followed. Here we learnt all about Nelson’s life, and could also take part in some fun activities, like trying to forge his handwriting. Then it was on to Action Stations. That was all great fun. There were activities like rotating climbing walls, assault courses and much more!
After lunch there was a workshop about H.M.S. Victory. This was extremely interesting and we then explored the ship herself, the main event! She was a majestic sight. First, we made our way up to the top deck. We looked round Nelson’s and Captain Hardy’s cabins. These were full of beautiful furniture and leather bound books. After that, we saw the ordinary sailors’ quarters, and noticed a sizeable difference, with dank rooms and hammocks! We then wound our way down to the surgeon’s work space, and the exact place where Nelson died. After that we went even further down to the very bottom, which was where all the food and water was stored. This was the end of our tour, so we made our way up the never ending flights of stairs until we got to the top. There ended a very informative and enjoyable tour.
Thank you for such a great day!


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