Years 4 & 5 Alive with the Sound of Music

Years 4 & 5 Alive with the Sound of Music
Highfield Prep School Events

Highfield was alive with the Sound of Music on Thursday as Years 4 and 5 presented a concert performance of the Rogers and Hammerstein musical. Each class was responsible for part of the performance and there were so many memorable contributions. They ranged from the Marias, nuns, children and Captain von Trapps, to the dancers and men drinking beer. On very limited rehearsal time, they all stepped up to deliver their lines with assurance and clarity; not a word was lost. 

The children’s group singing in ‘The Sound of Music’, ‘Edelweiss’ and ‘So Long Farewell’ was delightful and we couldn’t have been bid farewell in a more perfect way than by Matilda Job. They were expertly accompanied by John Muhlemann, Emily Frith, Emma Vidgeon and Sarah Craven (whom we have to thank for bringing her tuba!). Congratulations to everyone involved for bringing together such an enjoyable evening.

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