The Chapel Choir Tour

The Chapel Choir Tour
Our Community Highfield Prep School

The Chapel Choir tour to Salzburg in March was a resounding success with two very successful concerts, a sung Catholic Mass and some brilliant excursions in and around the beautiful city of Salzburg.

The second largest city in Austria has much to offer the musical sightseer with countless beautiful churches, Mozart’s birthplace, a fortress and some of the world’s oldest mines upon which Salzburg built its fortune and indeed the name itself, Salt City. The salt mine trip was a definite highlight taking a train 600 metres into the mountain before plunging down into the depths on huge wooden slides before floating on a briny underground lake and finally exiting through the gift shop where the novelty of tasting and buying salt was still undiminished.

Our lunchtime recital in Salzburg Cathedral was an awe-inspiring experience with an acoustic quite unlike anything else previously encountered; the faces of the choir members was a sight to behold when the reverb of their sound continued a good second after the end of the song. Sir Antony Gormley was in town to open a new exhibition and he was most impressed with the choir and commented on the effectiveness of their fragile voices against the imposing Baroque architecture surrounding them.

Praise indeed!

Salzburg Choir Trip

The following evening we travelled up into the hills to participate in a mass and then give a full evening concert in another beautiful church. Despite there being no heating and the temperature inside the church being a rather bracing 5 degrees, the choir performed magnificently and produced some stellar singing, as good as I’ve heard in my time at Highfield. It was an added treat to have so many parents in attendance to give the choir the boost they richly deserved. It was our first tour, it won’t be our last, but this one will be hard to beat!




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