Year 6 Play: The Odyssey

Year 6 Play: The Odyssey
Our Community Highfield Prep School

Despite delays due to snow, concussion and the long break of the Easter holidays, the Year 6 Play 'The Odyssey' finally went ahead last Wednesday evening and the children pulled off a spectacular performance. Mrs Derrick's somewhat eccentric vision of Greek Epic, meets Disney, meets Gilbert and Sullivan, was enthusiastically embraced by thirty eight members of Year 6. They all threw themselves into a tale of shipwreck and adventure involving goddesses and ghosts, monsters and magic; a very short giant and some rather odd shepherds, not to mention some spectacular choreography from Miss Guillory and truly dreadful jokes.

Huge thanks, as ever, to Mrs Cryer for pulling it all together, for the spectacular musical stylings of Mr Clarke and particularly to Orlando Jenkins who stepped masterfully into a last minute breach back-stage. Never have the works of Homer received quite such interpretation.


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