Highreach Holidays Sponsored Walk

Highreach Holidays Sponsored Walk
Highreach Holidays

Last Saturday afternoon around 300 children and some 60 parents set off on our sponsored walk to raise money for the ‘Highfield Highreach Holiday’ a volunteer run (involving many Old Highfieldians), annual week-long respite holiday at Highfield for children and young adults with learning difficulties. Year 4 and children from Brookham took a slightly shorter route which proved to be a suitable challenge and distance for them. We walked through the fern track which heads down to Tiger valley, we headed up the valley, turning left and essentially looping around and back towards school.

The older children, plus supporting parents, turned right at the top of the track and headed off on their longer walk, over varying terrain, on tracks and hills, again through ancient woodland, past some truly old, aweinspiring and magnificent oak trees. We all reconvened back at the Pavilion following the walk to enjoy excellent refreshments. A huge thank you to all who supported the walk, to the children who have raised a good deal of money and to parents for their very kind donations. Your kindness and support will mean that the children coming to Highfield for their Highreach Holiday during the summer holiday will have a fantastic time, enjoying numerous trips and opportunities as a result of your help and kindness. Thank you for your contributions towards this worthy cause. So far we have raised a magnificent £2,805, and during this coming week I will be collecting remaining sponsorship forms and then announcing the overall amount raised.

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