Mill on the Brue

Mill on the Brue
Our Community Highfield Prep School

Year 3 set off on the adventure of their lives!  The trip to Mill on the Brue has become a thing of legend among  the past Brookham children and staff who have attended in previous years, so we were looking forward (perhaps a little nervously) to finding out for ourselves what Mill on the Brue was all about. Thankfully, it more than lived up to anything we had heard, and the children experienced an action-packed week of  challenge, teamwork and adventure. 

Before handing you over to the children, who have written excellent reports about each activity, we would like to send enormous thanks to the fantastic instructors at Mill on the Brue and to Sally, Mrs Skeet, Mr Rigby, Mrs Turner, Mrs Baber and to Trip Leader and Chief Tweeter, Mr Millsom.  Above all, many, many thanks to all the wonderful parents for packing, repacking, washing, sorting, returning clothes to their original owners and, most importantly, for entrusting their children to our care for three nights. 

Here are the Eagle Owls’ reviews of the various aspects of Mill on the Brue:

The Dorms by Mariella

On the day we came, we were shown to our dorms. Underneath each bed were drawers for our things, but they were not normal beds…they were bunk beds!  In the rooms, some people found it hard to sleep because they might be missing home or talking to their friends, but by the second night we were tired out from all our activities and fell asleep quickly.  We slept in sleeping bags and had torches for the night time.  Most people brought their favourite cuddly toy to cuddle when it was bedtime.  We all shared dorms with a mix of friends from Eagle Owls, Tawny Owls and Barn Owls and chatted after lights out! 

Food and Drink by Ptolly

You eat at a place called the Long House.  When I first looked at it, it was like a Palace of GLASS!  When you looked up at the ceiling, there were white, fluffy and soft cotton clouds hanging there.  Guess what?!  The tiles on the  Longhouse roof are made of recycled car tyre rubber. 

The food and drink at Mill on the Brue were delicious and amazing!  The chefs are really kind and show you where everything is.  The usual drinks would be water, squash, and orange or apple juice for breakfast.  Breakfast was a choice of cereals, porridge and toast and you could have seconds or thirds.  Every lunch, you would have a wonderful salad of…red and green lettuce, carrots, cucumber and tomato covered in a terrific dressing.  There was also some coleslaw in a nice china bowl.  They grow lots of the food at Mill on the Brue so it is very fresh and crunchy.  When you were finished eating there was a trolley that you put your cutlery, bowls and plates in, unless you wanted   seconds of course.  Puddings at Mill on the Brue were so lovely!  Once we even had rocky road which was sticky and delicious.

The deadly waste box is a black box  on the end of your table and it is there for an unfortunate reason…if people waste their food it goes into your Zero Hero account.  Sadly we didn’t get our Zero Hero award this year, but we wasted less than the weight of a lollipop per person so I guess it’s not too bad.

The Great Egg Race by Dee Dee

The great egg race was a lot of fun and a great way to start our three days at Mill on the Brue.  We had to read some instructions to build an amazing rocket and then we had to run and pump until at last our rockets fired over the river!  Then half of each group crossed the bridge to where the rockets had landed.  The other half of the group tied a box with an egg inside to a long rope.  All the team on the opposite side pulled it carefully across the muddy River Brue.  Once the box was pulled across the river, we untied it and took it up to the woods.  Our instructors made fires out of sticks we had collected and we cooked the delicious-looking egg.  While it was cooking, each team had to mix ideas together to make a performance.  Some groups even told a few very funny jokes!  All the team performances were completely different and we all laughed and cheered until we had to end it all for cocoa and bedtime.  This made us all feel happy and confident.

The Zip Wire by Amelie

The zip wire was scary but exciting!  You have to go on to a piece of wire and wear a harness to keep you safe.  Otherwise you might fall off. At the top, we had a little hang on the wire, then we went down.  I felt nervous but it was fun!  I closed my eyes my eyes for most of it, then opened my eyes and saw I was flying over a lake like a bird!  I was so happy.  At the bottom I put the helmet and harness in a rucksack and ran to my friend to do a relay back up the hill.  My friend had to run to the next person and hand over the bag.  When the person reached the top with the gear it was their turn to go down the zip wire. It was fun and scary.

The Night Line by George E

For the Night Line challenge, we needed take some goggles out of a blue bag and then put them on.  But these were not ordinary goggles… you couldn’t see out of them which was scary but exciting!  When we were ready we held onto a rope.  First, we went up some stairs and next we went into a forest through the trees.  We also had to do an obstacle course in the pitch black and work as a team.  One of my friends fell out of the tunnels and face planted onto the ground!  We climbed over or through ropes and ties and kept holding on to the person in front so we didn’t get lost.  Everyone told the person behind them so they knew what was about to happen but it was funny because we still fell over each other!

Challenge Track One by Oscar B

Watch out, there was shark infested custard!  We had to use tyres to get our team across, but if you touched a hippo, which were tyres around the edge, that was one life lost!  We only had THREE lives and we got out fast on the first go.  We eventually made it, but only just, because the last one tripped over.  Luckily, he landed just over the finish.  After that, we made a huge  marble run with a golf ball and some pipes.  We had to work as a team to make a line of pipes with no gaps.  After the ball went through your pipe, you had to run to the end of the line to stop it dropping out before it got to the box.

Low Ropes by Poppy

The low ropes were a bit like an obstacle course because there were things like stepping stones, a climbing wall, wobbly bridges and a hot, sticky tunnel.  At one end there was a puzzle to complete when you found the pieces around the low ropes course.  Some of the team concentrated on finding the puzzle pieces while at the same time a rubber duck (called Hummus) had fallen into a pipe and needed rescuing!  We had to fill the pipe with water to float him out, but the pipe had loads of holes in it and the water kept leaking out.  There were some pegs, but only five pegs and eight holes so I had to block the other three holes with my fingers to stop the water coming out.  After that, we had to get Hummus to the yin yang puzzle without touching the grass.  Next we played a game called pirates where you start off with one pirate who has to catch everyone else.  If you touched the floor, you automatically became a pirate.  Two of us made an escape through the tunnel which was fun and exciting.

Canoeing by Tully

First, we tried turning and then we stood up in the Canoe.  Then we played zombies.  You had to make the other boats zombies by catching them or stay out of the way if you were not a zombie.  It was lots of fun, but when I stood up I nearly fell out of the boat and splashed in the river!

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