Year 3 trip to The Weald and Downland Museum

Year 3 trip to The Weald and Downland Museum
Our Community Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery

Last week, Year 3 had a fantastic trip to the Weald and Downland Museum. Why did we go there? We wanted to learn about our ancestors and how they lived before us. They had to grow lots of fruit and vegetables and used plants for medicine. The houses were very small, dark and draughty.

We had a very interesting workshop which showed us different materials that were used to build houses: thatch, slate, stone, tiles and metal. We looked in the blacksmith's and saw how horseshoes and other metal things were made. There were bellows to pump air into the fire.

We saw the old mill and the grinder that made the wheat into flour, and how rats were kept out. We learnt the most important jobs at the time were the farmers, millers and the blacksmiths. Also, we learned about the many ways wood could be used.



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