Brookham Girls Make Histoy

Brookham Girls Make Histoy
Our Community Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery

Yesterday, the Year 3 girls took part in their first ever cricket match!

We have had a few lessons, in amongst our rounders training and Mr Williams has been key in helping the girls (and me!) to understand the main rules and tactics. The skills, although similar in principle, are quite different to rounders and the batting and bowling have been particularly tricky! However, both Mr Williams and I have been impressed with the girls development. We were excited to play in our first match. Brookham were hosting a triangular fixture with Edgeborough and PGS.

With two teams, it was a busy afternoon but the sun was out and the spectators were in good spirits. My team fielded first and displayed some very lovely bowling as well as some great wicket keeping. Mr Williams’ team worked particularly well as fielders too, backing each other up nicely and stopping many runs! Sophia, Sky, Emilia and Silvija produced some particularly good batting in my team, with Dee Dee, Amelie and Jemima bowling beautifully in Mr Williams’ team.

PGS and Edgeborough both had some great batters and in one over, Edgeborough managed to score four 4’s as our girls struggled to organise themselves quickly enough. However in the second matches, after a team talk from Mr Williams (and delicious tea), the girls came on with renewed energy and focus, producing brilliant skills and improving their calling when running.

Over the afternoon, both teams experienced wins and losses, although it was a very evenly matched event throughout. We all learned a lot and had a great time honing our current skills and learning new ones from all the coaches. The girls will now develop their batting skills and fielding tactics before the next match and I will aim to improve my maths to make my scoring more efficient!

Thank you to all the parents who came to support and to Mr Williams for his help and coaching skills. 

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