Confirmation Service

Confirmation Service
Highfield Prep School Events

The following children were confirmed by the Bishop of Chichester, Bishop John Hind, in the Chapel on Thursday 21st June. 

  • Honor Bagshaw
  • Sam Caesar-Gordon
  • Georgie Cresswell
  • Lucas Francis
  • Alexander Herring
  • Cicely Higgins
  • Ottilie Hinds
  • Kyros Kibera
  • Sofia Loidi
  • William Moore
  • Libby Ohlson
  • Isobel Selden
  • Oliver Selden
  • Lottie Smith
  • Gabriella Stephenson
  • Harry Summerhayes

The children began to prepare back in February, and this is an important step in their lives. Afterwards, children and guests enjoyed a delicious tea and spent some wonderful time together.

Confirmation Service

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