Beaulieu Motor Museum

Beaulieu Motor Museum
Highfield Prep School Trip

Last week Year 4 headed to Beaulieu Motor Museum. The day began with a short presentation about the history of transport and the boys and girls impressed the lecturer with their extensive knowledge. Afterwards, we split up into groups to complete different activities.

Some went with Lord Montagu’s chauffeur for a ride in a 1926 Austin (the car used in the ‘Gumdrop’ book series) and had great fun learning about the differences between cars of yesteryear and today, whilst the others went on a museum tour looking at a variety of famous vehicles including Formula One racers and land speed record holders. We then reconvened for lunch before the groups swapped over.

After all the groups had completed the different activities we had some free time to explore the other attractions such as the monorail, cars from the movies and The World of Top Gear. The latter was a particular highlight as the children enjoyed watching a short montage of clips in a replica studio as well as getting to see some of the vehicles used in the show. It was a great, funpacked and informative day out. 


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