Year 5 Trip to Arundel Castle

Year 5 Trip to Arundel Castle
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Year 5 enjoyed a truly wonderful day at Arundel Castle on Tuesday. It really is a stunning place, and the beautiful sunshine and perfectly blue sky were a joy to behold. The children have been studying the Normans, 1066 and castles this term, and this trip rounded off their studies perfectly. They all did very well indeed. Thank you to our wonderful tour guides, and to all my colleagues who made the day so special.

arundal castle year 5

Today we went to Arundel castle for a school trip. We went around lots of the main areas and did fun activities. It was a beautiful castle and almost felt magical! We went around most of the castle and everything was hundreds of years old. The gardens were beautiful and there were lots of fruit, flowers and vegetables. The fountains were amazing and so were the little walk ways. I loved the whole day!

Sophia Lindblom (Year 5)


I really enjoyed my trip to Arundel. I learnt that how medieval weapons, especially arrows, developed over the years and how heavy chainmail armour is, as I got to wear some. I liked climbing the Keep and looking out through the arrow slits, working out how far the archers could fire and how well protected they were. The castle has a really interesting history. Although it was built just two years after the battle of Hastings, it was rebuilt by the Victorians. It's a great place to visit and I would really encourage others to go there.

William Herring (Year 5)



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