Year 4 - 6 Challenge Week

Year 4 - 6 Challenge Week
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

On Monday Years 4-6 spent some time in the woods working on developing the area around the Naming Tree or marking out a new Solar System Walk which will have its information posts completed by groups during the Thursday Keys sessions. We might have made further progress if Mr H hadn’t decided to challenge the post basher to a head-butting competition! The up side of this is that a small group of Year 6 pupils got to test out their first aid skills in a real life situation. Mr H would like to report that the post basher was unharmed and will be back in action in the near future.

The Year 4 pupils took part in a number of art-based activities. They completed body outlines to tell one another “All about me” and produced wire and bead name-plates to hang in the Naming Tree as they join the Highfield family.

Year 5 had their first drama session with Mrs Cryer and her team to start work on the production to be performed to parents and guardians on Friday afternoon; more on this later.

The Year 6 pupils were shown how to pitch, and pack, the patrol tents they would be sleeping in on  Wednesday night as well as undertaking CAT testing in the ICT suites. They finished the day by testing themselves against a variety of communication skill tasks, including: sheep and pen, sedan chair minefield, spiders web, tower of Hanoi and minefield. Interestingly, the last two activities had to be completed in silence so challenged concentration and non-verbal communication.

Year 4 - 6 Challenge Week 2018

Throughout the rest of the week all pupils had Maths and English lessons as well as Bushcraft days and games sessions. Skills practiced in the woods included fire lighting, rune writing, thumb-pot making, camouflage, open fire cookery, tree identification and natural shelter building to name but a few.

Years 4 and 6 also took part in Great Egg Race challenges to develop teamwork, engineering and problem solving skills. The Year 4 pupils had to build towers to hold a sugar cube as far above the ground as possible, whilst the Year 6s were challenged to produce a self-propelled vehicle to transport a polystyrene egg as far as possible. Year 4 also made African Masks and took part in a pelmanism challenge (memory, communication and teamwork). Their week culminated with a crazy sports afternoon run by Year 6 pupils.

For the crazy sports afternoon, half of the Year 6 pupils were in charge of the races (explaining the rules, timing and keeping score) whilst the other half were team leaders, helping the Year 4s complete the races. There were staff available to offer a helping hand, but once the afternoon got underway, the Year 6 pupils did an excellent job managing the teams and events and everyone had a really good time.

As mentioned earlier, Year 5 spent most of Challenge Week preparing for a drama performance. Just to keep the pressure up Mrs Cryer had decided that, this year, it was to be a promenade performance; each act of the play taking place in a different location around the school with the cast leading the audience from one place to the next.

It was a real pleasure to watch the children throw themselves into everything that the week had to offer and I know that they will have learned a lot and developed a whole range of different skills that will stand them in good stead as they move on up through the school. My thanks to the children and staff who did all they could to make the week so successful.

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