Brookham learn Makaton

Brookham learn Makaton
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When inclusivity in schools is discussed, it is often only seen as a significant benefit for children with attributes that fall outside the ever-narrowing results driven ‘norm’. There is a failure to understand that our differences make us unique; they make every one of us special and our acceptance of these differences, in turn, develop a community filled with understanding, empathy and tolerance.

With this in mind, last week, with help from Singing Hands, the children at Brookham have been learning, through songs and stories, the language programme Makaton.

Makaton is designed to support spoken language with the signs and symbols being used alongside speech. It is designed to help those who have experienced the frustration of being unable to communicate meaningfully or effectively.

In fact, many parents will have used it to communicate with their young babies and to help understand their baby’s wants and needs long before their infant could speak. We are looking forward to using some of the Makaton signs we learnt this week in our Talk4Writing literacy programme.


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