Charterhouse Classics Day

Charterhouse Classics Day
Highfield & Brookham Trips

Last week, a lucky group of Year 6 pupils were invited to join several other schools at Charterhouse for a Classics Day. After a brief voyage on the A3, with Mrs Derrick and me (Mr Clarke) behind our respective wheels, we arrived to be divided into teams based on Greek cities – Thebes, Athens, Sparta and Macedon.

A carousel of fascinating activities put on by Charterhouse’s Classics Department followed. On the linguistic side was an introduction to Ancient Greek, allowing the children, with the aid of some lateral thinking, to translate elementary sentences. A talk on the Acropolis culminated in a competition to piece together pictures of the famous Parthenon frieze and name the 14 deities present, while a somewhat gruesome discussion of Greek warfare went down well with some!

Most thrilling of all was the opportunity to handle genuine (and very valuable) classical artefacts from the Charterhouse archives. Though a beautifully preserved krat─ôr (a broad mixing bowl) was kept out of harm’s way, other objects such as pottery fragments and a small model of a horse’s head – perhaps once a child’s toy? – were passed around by the children, who were sporting gloves to protect the precious relics.

After a pleasant afternoon tea, for which several Highfield parents joined us, a brief quiz between the cities rounded off a most enjoyable day. Mrs Derrick and I look forward to returning with our current Year 5s next year.



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