Over 40 children take part in our first swimming Gala against St Edmund's

Over 40 children take part in our first swimming Gala against St Edmund's
Highfield & Brookham Sport

Last Monday, we hosted our first Gala of the season against St Edmund’s. With over 40 children taking part, it was always going to be a very noisy affair and this was no exception. The U9s were the most excited, winning all of their races except the butterfly  - an amazing job! we swam well in the medleys and took an early lead.

The individual backstroke races saw some lovely swimming from William (U9), Emma (U10) and Kingsley (U12). The breaststroke repeated this pattern with another three wins from Sophia U9), Luke (U10) and Jemima (U12). Highfield were now firmly in the lead but with only one win in the butterfly races from Emma (U10) this allowed St Edmund‘s to gain some extra points and to close the gap between us. We were soon back on form in the freestyle and again enjoyed another three wins from Sophia (U9), Georgia (U11) and Harry (U13). With the freestyle relays following the pattern of three wins out of five, we were now uncatchable. The last race of the afternoon was the cannon race. The children love this and it is the real opportunity to shout, clap, cheer and chant as loudly as possible. All the children certainly did so in true Highfield spirit. The final scores were Highfield 136 points and St Edmund’s 170 points (lowest score wins).

A huge thank you to my new swimming captains, Piers, Scarlett and Minna for all their organisation of the team,  to Jo Gordon for starting the races and Michelle for being our wonderful scorer.


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