Year 6 head to Hever Castle

Year 6 head to Hever Castle
Highfield & Brookham Trips

On Tuesday, Year 6 went to Hever Castle in Kent. We had a lovely time and we learnt so much about Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and the Tudors. It is a beautiful place, and there is a maze and a fantastic adventure playground.

The portrait paintings inside the castle are simply amazing, and they were even on the TV news the other day. There are lots of rooms to see and we discovered lots of interesting facts. In the Morning Room there is a priest hole where some bones were once found and we saw Anne Boleyn's prayer book and the bed that Henry VIII might have slept in.

In the final room we saw torture instruments and execution swords! Please visit Hever Castle, it's great and we learnt lots and lots.


Year 6 Hever Castle

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