Autumn Term excitement on Sundays for our boarders

 Autumn Term excitement on Sundays for our boarders
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

The first half of the Autumn Term has been full of excitement on Sundays for our boarders with plenty to keep them occupied.

The first Boarders’ Sunday Activity had the theme of “Gnome is where the heart is.” The day started in the Science Labs decorating our gnomes with an array of paint, pompoms, plastic jewels and glitter. In the Physics Lab the artistic juices were aided by the movie Trolls, whilst in Chemistry, Mr Murphy was DJ for the day keeping some high quality tunes in the air (though I will struggle to get “Baby Shark” out of my head for weeks to come!). The children were gainfully employed with their creative work right through to Sunday brunch and after a hearty meal we headed outside into the sunshine to play on the trikes and scooters, or the rope swing and zip wire. A number of boys and girls also got together to have a game of netball. Some children went to the pool for a swim before we gathered together again in the Girls’ Common Room to watch the film Gnomeo and Juliet. After the film, we had some spare time before tea, and some children chose to finish decorating their gnomes, whilst others played on the computers or went back outside for another quick run around and play. A lovely, varied day, and a perfect way to start the new term.

Autum Term First Half Boarding Activities

The week after Exeat the pouring rain and high winds could not hold back our intrepid boarders from venturing to the Surrey Game and Country Fair at Loseley Park. Network Rail line closures resulted in the Boarding Team pooling together their cars to take everyone on the short journey up the A3. Once through the gates we watched a show describing all things to do with sheep and sheep farming. They even danced! Thereafter the children, armed with pocket money and intrigue, explored the show and mercifully the weather had picked up. The main ring had all manner of demonstrations, from a Shetland Pony Grand National, to learning how to set up a hide for wildfowl hunting. The live demonstration of shooting a 100-year-old eight bore shotgun was most impressive. The children saw how to train gundogs where the amazing teamwork, love and respect between handler and dog was clearly evident. The puppies drew a good deal of attention as did the highly amusing terrier racing. This was a new experience for a number of our boarders and gave them an insight as to what rural livelihoods and life entails. My huge thanks to Miss Hasim, Mr Murphy, Mr Hall and the team of drivers for taking and collecting us from the show.

On their third Sunday at school our boarders enjoyed a pleasant walk around the Highfield grounds, accompanied by Miss Stebbings (with Effie the dog very much in charge of the proceedings), the children returned to school for a late morning brunch. Thus refreshed we embarked for the Guildford Spectrum, an afternoon’s bowling ahead. Though there was a fairly wide variation in the accuracy of aim to begin with, by the second round this had improved and Gabriel Zubiria Penide was the man of the match. At the end of the games was an opportunity to use some of the arcade machines by the bowling alley - picking up toys by operating claw cranes, driving race cars and shooting the odd zombie. After making our way back to Highfield a cinema showing of Bond classic “For Your Eyes Only” rounded off an enjoyable day.

What adventures await after Half-Term who only knows!

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