Year 7 river studies field trip

Year 7 river studies field trip
Highfield & Brookham Trips

Year 7 embarked on their trip to the Gilbert White Field Studies Centre in Selborne last Monday, blessed by beautiful weather. The purpose of the trip was to support Year 7s learning of this term’s rivers topic, whilst also introducing them to the practical field work skills that will be an important aspect for the C.E. fieldwork task of the Summer Term.

It was wonderful to see the children get fully involved in the work, working in groups to complete tasks on River Shape, River Velocity and Erosion, whilst also completing Field Sketches of the sites visited. To investigate these questions, the children had to measure the cross-section of the river, using callipers and scales to record the load of the river and race rubber ducks down the stream. While the children should be commended for the completion of the tasks and the accuracy in their data collection, it must be noted that the racing of the rubber ducks was not entirely a fair test.

The use of wellington boots and sticks to ‘encourage’ the ducks along was not quite as scientific as the other tests conducted! Over coming lessons the children will be learning how to analyse their data, draw cross sections, calculate the river’s discharge and look for explanations for their results.

The first-hand experience will also be a great aid to learning various aspects of one of the larger topics covered on the syllabus. Many thanks to the brilliant team at Gilbert White for their hospitality and encouragement of the pupils. I would also like to thank the Highfield staff that generously gave their time to make the trip possible.


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