The Sherborne Rugby Tour

The Sherborne Rugby Tour
Highfield Prep School Sport

During Half Term, 32 boys travelled West for the annual Dorset Rugby Tour, held at Sherborne School. A very productive time was spent on the training field in preparation for the season ahead and the coaches were able to cover a great deal of the key aspects of Rugby. The enthusiasm and attitude of all of the boys in training was fantastic and this made for a hugely worthwhile tour, culminating in some superb Rugby on the final day in the matches against Hall Grove and Aldro. This year’s ‘Man of the Tour’ awards went to U12 player Oliver Job and U13 player Louis Costa-Duarte, for their exceptional conduct on and off the pitch. A huge thank you to the staff that gave up their Half Term, really mucked in and contributed to making the tour such a great success. Also, I must thank those parents who joined us for their wonderful support from the sidelines on the final day. I am confident a very exciting Rugby season lies ahead!

A very exciting Rugby season ahead!

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