Old Highfieldian, Narendra set sail for the Carribean

Old Highfieldian, Narendra set sail for the Carribean
Highfield Prep School Alumni

After resigning from the Royal Navy submarine service immediately after the Falklands War in 1982, I set sail from the River Hamble on a 32-foot wooden yacht on the first leg of my dreamed-for sail around the world, and with the princely sum of £ 1,000 in my bag. 

Some 4 months later, and after a 29-day crossing of the Atlantic, I arrived in the Caribbean and found that I was down to £10, but with no rich parents, no bank account, no credit card and no job.

I managed to find a job yacht skippering in St Lucia, and then found myself managing a small yacht charter company. 

After sailing extensively throughout the islands of the Eastern Caribbean on a 28-foot sloop, I eventually fetched up in St Vincent & The Grenadines, where I ran a yacht charter company for 21 years until retirement.  St Vincent has thus become my home. 

Somewhere between heaven and earth - but a little closer to heaven!

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