Outdoor Classroom Day - Splashing in puddles!

Outdoor Classroom Day - Splashing  in puddles!
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Brookham

I was horrified when I read that “74% of children spend less time outdoors than the 60 minutes recommended for prison inmates.” (Edelman Berland for Unilever). On Thursday 1st November 3,501,820 children across the world took part in the global campaign that is Outdoor Classroom Day and, as you will see from this week’s newsletter, Brookham children made the most of a plethora of different outdoor learning opportunities.

But for Brookham, outdoor learning does not merely happen once a year, because we know of its significant benefits: health, engagement with learning, connectivity with nature, critical thinking skills, resilience, collaboration, creativity and enjoyment of childhood. I could go on; the list is almost endless. You will have seen your children’s faces sparkle as they regale you with stories of their afternoon in the woods and read about the outdoor learning opportunities that take place every day in our weekly newsletters. The 175 acres of stunning grounds that your children are nestled in each day provide the most wonderful classroom any child could ever wish for.

So, enjoy this new week twig snapping, leaf catching and mud digging. Remember that childhood comes to an end the moment that a puddle is seen as an issue rather than an opportunity!


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