Why did explorers travel to Antarctica?

Why did explorers travel to Antarctica?
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Brookham

What did they take with them and what was it like to be there? These were just some of the questions that Year 3 set out to find when they visited Gilbert White’s House and the Oates Collection last week. There were many hands-on activities which allowed all the children to discover the daily life of a South Pole Explorer through object-handling, dressing-up, an artefact-quest and investigations.

The children discussed in depth the use of equipment and rations, then looked into the scientific intentions of Scott's ill-fated 1912 Antarctic Expedition. This allowed them to explore themes of nutrition, properties of different materials, forces and experiment with a range of scientific equipment. If your child was to go on their own expedition, I wonder what they would take with them...

Year 3 Gilbert White's House

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