Year 2 round up

Year 2 round up
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Brookham

It has been a fantastic week in Year 2. We have been testing our rockets that we made with Mrs Martin, to investigate how well our designs will launch. Our mathematical skills have also been taking off this week, as we have been learning how to solve subtraction problems using the column method. We all enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the woods on Wednesday, working collaboratively to create beautiful pieces of art, using amazing found objects. All of the children have gone into orbit this week with their scientific thinking, by testing different plastics to see which would be the best for the Scrummy Yummy Ketchup Company to use for their ketchup bottles. We are now creating a graph to show the company our findings and will inform them of our conclusions.

We were visited by an aerospace engineer (Charles's mother) this afternoon. She spoke to them about how satellites are built, how they are sent into space and how they help us here on Earth. The children were most impressed to hear that there are over 5,000 satellites orbiting Earth!


Year 2

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