Swimming Gala V Cranleigh

Swimming Gala V Cranleigh
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

Highfield enjoyed their first away swimming gala of the season at Cranleigh School on Monday. Galas against Cranleigh are always fast and challenging gala and this one was no exception. The afternoon started with the backstroke races and William Webster (U9) and Freddie Lonsdale (U10) both swam amazingly fast for their teams. The breaststroke saw one win from Issie Schute (U11) and many other second places. The score was tight with just two points between us. The medleys were swum well by both teams and as Highfield got used to the blocks, we exhibited some lovely takeovers. However with only one win from our U10 team, Cranleigh claimed the lead.

The butterfly races were swum with good style and technique and Emma Hewitt (U10) and Isla Johnson (U11) both won their age groups. Highfield put the pressure back on Cranleigh in the freestyle events winning four out of the five races with superb swimming from Brodie Colgate (U9), Emma Hewitt (U10), Issie Schute (U11) and Harry Skinner (U13). Highfield were now only a few points behind, with just the freestyle relay races to go. A brilliant win from our U10 team and four second places resulted in a very close gala indeed. All the children had a great time and cheered each other on and this is such a delight to watch. The gala ended with Highfield on 145 points and Cranleigh on 155 points. (Highest score wins).

Many thanks to my captains and all the Year 8s who did a marvellous job of helping with the younger members of the team, including giving them the courage to dive off the blocks which were very high!

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