Reception had a busy week

Reception had a busy week
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Brookham

The Reception children have been introduced to clay in their shared area this week. They have loved exploring this medium and they have been designing and creating some superb models. In literacy they received a package with a letter attached from Ali the Alien from planet Zog. He asked them to identify some of the items that he found when he visited Planet Earth and write them down. The children learnt about the key features of a list and used 'Fred Fingers' to sound out the words to write. They were so proud of their list writing; they now can help you write your shopping list! In numeracy the children have been working with numbers 6-10 at a greater depth exploring all the different representations of each number to develop secure understanding. As the weather turned colder it provided them with some fascinating and exciting outdoor learning opportunities. The children particularly liked breaking the ice in the water tray and exploring the frost on the fields. They then warmed up with a delicious cup of hot chocolate!


Reception Autumn Term

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