No-fuss, No-vember

No-fuss, No-vember
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Brookham

It has been reported that the Year 3 children have been working very hard indeed this week at Brookham. According to their teachers, they have been learning how to analyse and write newspaper articles and have made excellent progress with their literacy skills, so there is no need to panic!

The Owls are also said to have been solving two-step word problems in maths, using their addition and subtraction skills to good effect as they find solutions to increasingly complex word problems.

Adults are said to be pleased with the progress the children are making in science as they learn about forces and magnets. The children have been exploring the properties of magnets, discovering their real-life applications and continuing with their magnetic games designs. “My magnet game appears to be a magic trick because some 1p coins are attracted to magnets,” reported a Year 3 student during their investigation.

A member of staff also commented that all the Year 3 students had been seen out and about on Thursday afternoon. With two teams (one each of football and netball) representing Brookham at home, the rest of them, not to be outdone, made use of the beautiful grounds we share with Highfield. Witnesses saw children competing in team challenges, having wheelbarrow races, leopard crawling and working up an appetite for sus.

For further information about this week in Year 3, please contact your child.

No-fuss, No-vember Year 3

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