Boarders' Trip to Winchester Christmas Market

Boarders' Trip to Winchester Christmas Market
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This is always such a popular boarders' activity, and this year, the Winchester Christmas Market and outdoor ice skating trip proved just as enjoyable as ever.

The day began with a delicious brunch, after which we dressed for the chilly weather and headed off to Winchester. An enjoyable hour was spent on the beautiful outdoor rink, skating around the Christmas tree and it was lovely to see so many of the older children helping the younger ones to skate. Ptolemy Myers, Teddy Peattie and Tanish Khurana were definitely our stars on the ice demonstrating some really impressive skills.

The lovely market stalls were as beautiful as usual with plenty of festive gifts to choose from and, of course, a huge variety of food and drinks on offer. It was lovely to see so many of the children buying little Christmas gifts for their parents or siblings and taking great care with their choices. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we finally made the journey home as the lights were lit around the cathedral and darkness fell.

Winchester Christmas Market

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