Highfield's chess team take on Aldro

Highfield's chess team take on Aldro
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

Highfield's Chess Team, consisting of: Franky Wang (Captain); Edward Wreford; Oscar Tyrrell-Evans; Arthur Montagu; Harry Jowett; Stewart O'Neill; Thomas Hall; Jack Goldsmith; Louis Costa Duarte and Freddie Burton, travelled to Aldro this week for a tournament.

There were some outstanding performances and we celebrated impressive wins from Franky Wang and Edward Wreford and, although our other team members were defeated in their main matches, they battled long and hard, showing huge determination. Several of the games lasted over 30 minutes and I spotted many of the Aldro boys looking a little worried. Our team was matched with Aldro boys from Year 5 and above, so particular congratulations must go to our Year 4 boys, some of whom have only learnt to play Chess this term. I also discovered yesterday that Aldro have one chess lesson a week in Year 3 on the curriculum so they clearly have a head start!

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