Year 3 Make An Exciting Discovery

Year 3 Make An Exciting Discovery
Brookham Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery

Brookham's Year 3 children have been up in arms today after receiving a very upsetting email.  It would appear that the Liphook Fair Trade Chocolate factory is planning to build a massive factory on the Brookham School playground and sports fields.  We all sincerely hope that the children will be able to convince them to change their minds...

We have begun a new literacy unit on discussion texts and the children will be learning how to structure an argument - always a good plan to give them something close to their hearts to use as a basis - does their love of the playground override their love of chocolate?!

While some children were initially excited to think of a source of chocolate on our doorstep, the negative aspects of learning next to a Fair Trade factory soon overwhelmed the positives.  How will the children maintain their healthy fitness levels if they are forbidden to go outside for the foreseeable future?  What effects will noise and pollution have on Brookham children?  They remain concerned that, without games lessons and playtime practice, sports teams will be at a disadvantage against their opponents.  There was a great deal of outrage about environmental damage to the local area including smoke, fumes, deforestation, delivery lorries and car parks for 1,000 workers.  And finally, above all else, the Year 3 children pointed out that parents as well as children chose Brookham for the many outside opportunities it provides and feared that children might leave the school if faced with an ugly concrete factory instead.

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