Brookham's Prickly Visit

Brookham's Prickly Visit
Brookham Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery

Brookham School HedgehogHave you ever seen a hedgehog? Brookham School were delighted when some small, prickly visitors came to call. Graham Bowring, who accompanied them, runs a small hedgehog rescue centre in Petworth and has cared for the four friends since they were hoglets.  He will release them later this spring when the conditions are right.

All of the children, from Nursery to Year 3, had the opportunity to meet the hedgehogs and find out about their diet, lifecycle and hibernation.  Some children even felt brave enough to stroke Harry, Heidi or Henry’s bristles.

One Brookham pupil, fittingly from Hedgehog Class, said

I thought they were cute and I know that they curl up in a ball when they are scared.

And did you know that Harry the hedgehog went to sniff our human Harrys when he found out their name?

After a busy morning with the children, the hedgehogs had a quiet rest in their baskets while Graham was taken on a tour of the grounds to assess our suitability as a release site. Who knows, perhaps you will meet a hedgehog in the Brookham Woods one day?

If you child is not currently a pupil at Brookham School, why not find out more about us or request a prospectus.

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