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On the evening of Wednesday 13th March, I met with a group of colleagues to discuss educational ethos and the daily joys and challenges of being a head teacher. As an icebreaker, we were asked to go round the circle and share one thing we know. When it came to my turn, I said with a wry smile on my face, “I know that each week, I will learn something from someone who is under the age of nine.”

This has certainly been the case this week. After hearing a few children read first thing on Thursday morning, I headed to my office to have a quick tidy before my visitors arrived. As soon as I sat at my desk, there was a quiet knock at the door. An extremely innocent, fresh faced young lady from Year 2 had popped by to see me.

I quickly realised that she hadn’t dropped in for a friendly chat. She was a young lady on a mission; she had an important message to share.

Mrs Baber, did you know that the red noses on sale for Comic Relief cost £1.25?

I responded with considerable confidence that I did indeed know this piece of information.

Mrs Baber, do you know what red noses are made from?

I was now aware that I was on the back foot. No I hadn’t done my due diligence and I did not know this very important piece of information. But I was pretty certain that I was about to find out…

They are made of plastic. So, Mrs Baber, why are we encouraging children to buy red noses that are worn for one day and then go straight to landfill sites? They damage our planet.

Needless to say, I didn’t have a satisfactory answer to this pointed question, but it did give me much to think about and a research project to complete. I have since found out that this year’s red noses are made of polyurethane foam. This comes in many forms and is commonly used for insulation material, as well as the cushioning inside our shoes. Further research has led me to discover that the chemicals used to make polyurethane damage the aquatic life and organisms in our waterways. So what to do now?

Anyone who has even the slightest interest in protecting our planet will have heard the motto, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

While we may have procured our red noses for this year, perhaps we should think carefully about the next ‘squishy’ or plastic toy purchase in order to REDUCE the amount of waste we produce.

Can this year’s red nose be stored safely for us to REUSE next year?

Finally, if we would like to RECYCLE our red noses, they can be taken to our local Sainsbury’s store.

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