Working With Dogs And Children

Working With Dogs And Children
Brookham Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery

William Claude Dukenfield, the entertainer and comedian, was famously quoted as saying,

Never work with animals or children.

One cannot help but pity anyone who agrees with this sentiment, as they are surely missing out on two of the greatest joys. Dogs and children have much in common in terms of their approach to life. They both see the opportunity for fun and joy at every turn, in a way that maybe lost to adults; children and dogs both know what snow and puddles are made for.

It is not just that dogs like to cavort about that makes them such wonderful companions; there are clear physical benefits for people too. Interactions with dogs have been shown to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as helping to combat anxiety and promote self-esteem. When one considers this, it is perhaps not surprising to learn that dogs can be of real benefit in schools.

Dogs are the perfect reading partners. They provide comfort, are completely non-judgemental and make very attentive listeners. This winning formula can give young children the confidence to read out loud and as a result, further develop their reading skills.

That leads me perfectly into introducing Dora and Tink. Dora is a fully qualified Pets for Therapy dog, who has passed her reading exams and enjoys visiting the children at Brookham each week, with her owner Ben Spooner, in order to enjoy a pat on the head and a good story. Tink, who belongs to Mrs Baber, has not passed her reading exams, requires a significant amount of training, but does love a good cuddle and a wagging-good tale.

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