First Time for Highfield School Ski Team Races in the British Interschools Championships

First Time for Highfield School Ski Team Races in the British Interschools Championships
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Jasper Kelton, Arthur Montagu and Santiago Peach from Highfield School set off for Aosta in Italy to compete in the British Interschools Ski Championships in Pila to represent Highfield School for the first time ever in this prestigious event.

Jasper, whose father Simon is a ski journalist for The Telegraph, the screenwriter behind “Eddie the Eagle” and a sponsor of the British Ski Team, had been invited to take part in the event by Malcolm Erskine, Director of the British Ski Academy.

The BSA regime was rigorous, beginning at 7am with a work out in the gym followed by breakfast and then ski training from 9am until 3pm, when the boys and girls returned to their hotel do their school work. This was followed by a review of the day’s skiing, plans for the next day, dinner and a welcome bed.

After a week’s exhaustive training, which saw the boys improving day by day, the Championships were upon them. The competition was incredibly stiff with Chemmy Alcott, for many years Britain’s top female skier, coming with her own team.

Chemmy Alcott explained,

This is by far and away the most impressive group of skiers I’ve ever seen at this event. There are teams from Verbier, Geneva, all over. There are kids here who race every day, all season. The standard is amazing.

Despite the seriousness of the competition, Malcolm and his team of instructors managed to create an exciting yet responsible atmosphere.

Malcolm explains,

The British Ski Academy provides an introduction to Alpine ski racing for speedy youngsters (and stepping stones to future excellence in the sport) so it was an absolute pleasure to host the Highfield School ski team. Jasper, Arthur and Santi all showed the right stuff – skiing, studying, and throwing themselves down the race hill. As Highfield masters and Olympians know, excelling at school and sport requires guidance, opportunity and determination. That’s what we aim to give them.

While Jasper, Arthur and Santiago were not yet in the running for medals in their first Championships they all thoroughly enjoyed their stay, the coaching, the camaraderie and a marked improvement in their skiing.

Perhaps most importantly, as soon as the silver trophies had been handed out, the boys raced straight to the top of the mountain to find the most difficult black run they could simply to enjoy the excitement and adrenaline rush of some freesking.

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