Colourful Colour Run

Colourful Colour Run
Highfield Prep School Events

The clock struck roughly 17 minutes past 7 and the teams were off! Unsure quite what challenges they might face, the boarders split into their houses and set off for the woods armed with only a white tee shirt…

To kick start the annual ‘Colourful Colour Run ©’ the courageous contestants had to make a fire using only wire wool and a 9V battery… next they careered down the narrow woodland path (avoiding the blue bells) to the ‘Tremendous but Treacherous Travellator ©’. Based on the 1990’s TV series Gladiators, contestants had to scramble uphill against a river of fairy liquid, baby oil and water avoiding an assortment of objects being gently rolled towards them by caring teachers… It was neck a neck as we moved on to the ‘Lionhearted Log Carry ©’ rather self explanatorily the competitors attempted to carry an extremely heavy log across the fairway of the 9th hole. From here the teams charged across the fields (avoiding the cricket squares) to the Blind Obstacle Course which put friendships to the test and required complete faith in their teammates.

Leaving Trafalgar behind, Agincourt and Waterloo entered a manic sprint towards the Water Hole which saw teams try and stop water escaping a tube, covering the holes with their hands. The tides had now turned after Trafalgar’s steady hands and they progressed to the tennis courts wearing the yellow jersey - Admiral Lord Nelson would be proud. After shaking table tennis balls out of a tissue box, a blindfold shootout and some balloon popping, the contest had reached the home straight and it was all square.

Over 50 boarders stampeded towards the Mills’ Straight and somewhere in amongst the dust were 3 boarders with baton in hand striving to be first across the line. There may still be much speculation as to who crossed the line first but what we do know is that everyone was covered in powder paint turning their clean white tee shirts into a matrons nightmare!

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