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Charity Clay Shoot

We warmly invite you to join us for the next Annual Charity Clay Shoot on Sunday 29th September at 9.30am. This fun-filled event is open to all parents, staff and pupils (aged 11+), past and present. All money raised will go to the Highfield and Brookham charities.

The competition costs £70 per adult and £50 per child and includes six stands of eight clay targets. Entries are by teams of two. 

Please register by Friday 20th September by emailing Portia Baker at

Fantastic New Keys Programme Launches at Highfield

The Keys Programme, which is unique to Highfield, takes children in Years 5 to 8 on a journey of self-awareness and personal development, allowing each child the opportunity to discover new experiences and to take ownership of their education. 

Taking place on a Thursday afternoon, Keys provides children with the chance to input and reflect on their achievements by following the journey outlined below; to enhance the all-round experience and allow them to understand and take more responsibility for their environment.

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Year 5 - Who am I?

Diverse activities are created to gain skills, but also give children an understanding on likes in life.

Activities include: DT projects, Dance, Swim Skills, Thinking Skills, Bushcraft, Year 5 play, Dance, Archery and Orienteering.

Year 6 - Developing Me

This year gives children the chance to develop personal life skills such as happiness skills, strength skills, resolution skills, emotional skills, skills for being present, interaction skills, relationship skills, self-management skills, as well as empathy skills.

Activities include: Touch Typing, Study Skills, Revision Strategies, Career Choices, Cookery, Art, Play Rehearsals, First Aid, Bushcraft, Values, thinking skills.

Year 7 - Developing the School

Children are given the opportunity to support and improve the school environment. The experience offers those qualities that are integral to everyone: kindness, thoughtfulness and respect.

Activities include: Year 7 Play, Mindfulness, Eco Committee, Gardening, Charity Projects and helping with our Prep School Brookham.

Year 8 - Developing the Wider Community

The final step in our journey, where children learn to put other people's needs before their own, which helps nurture empathy, a crucial skill for the future. By seeing things through, they gain greater resilience, which in turn enhances their academic performance.

Activities include: visits to the Peak Centre, Community Projects (Liphook in Bloom), Local School Visits and Charity Work (Mane Chance Sanctuary).


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