We are back!

We are back!
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We are back! I am sure the start of the academic year has been a busy one in every household, as uniforms are checked and labelled, new school shoes bought and bedtime routines run to a slightly earlier time frame. Life in general has been gearing up to being back in school. However, despite loving school, some of our children will find that changeover from home to school difficult. So, what can you as parents do to ease this transition? Click here to read more.

Nursery Harvest Homegrown Vegetables

It has been wonderful to see familiar faces but also to welcome all the new Bear Cubs. The children have enjoyed exploring their environment and familiarising themselves with all the learning opportunities available to them. Last term, the Bear Cubs planted their own vegetables in the nursery garden and this week they have enjoyed harvesting tomatoes and carrots and sampling their delicious produce at snack time.

Samantha Forster, Head of Early Years

Year 2 Explore a Living Rainforest

Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful, engaging start to their topic on Rainforests with a visit to The Living Rainforest in Newbury where they spent the day exploring the flora and fauna and learning about the fascinating way many plants and animals have adapted to the environment. They were even lucky enough to see Cinnamon, the elusive sloth, as she moved amongst the canopy.

Kerri Wilkes, Head of Year 2

Year 3 Inspired by Mountaineer, Nick Carter

Year 3 were visited by mountaineer, explorer and adventurer, Nick Carter, who shared his experiences of climbing Mount Everest as part of this term’s topic of Ice Worlds and Arctic Exploration. Nick used stories, pictures, videos and his mountain gear to bring his adventures to life. Children gained a sense of what it would be like to climb a mountain and of how it would feel to experience high altitudes, low oxygen and freezing conditions, as well as the challenges explorers face. He was even able to simulate the experience of breathing at 8,000m using (paper) drinking straws. Throughout the rest of the week, the children demonstrated how well they had taken on board Nick’s values of bravery, resilience, determination, kindness and teamwork, and are very much beginning to set a high standard of behaviour as role models to the younger children. Watch out, world, here come Year 3!

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Learn Exciting New Skills

Year 4 were treated to a variety of WWII themed activities this week and learnt exciting new skills related to our Creative Curriculum. They developed team building skills, and had fun settling in to a new environment and getting to know their new teachers. During Science they created their own spitfires, and in PE they experienced life as a soldier, running with bags, ducking and diving. In music, they learnt WWII songs and also created evacuation skits. The children had a wonderful day in the woods, learning about camouflage and fire building. Baking scones was a great success, and in Art and DT they constructed gas mask boxes in preparation for our WWII evacuation trip along the Watercress Line next week.

Martine Melling, Head of Year 4

Boarders Enjoy Relaxed but Educational Weekend

With the Year 8 children having a fantastic time in France, the Senior Boarding House was the sole domain for Years 6 and 7. They had a fun evening on Saturday playing outside until it was dark and then settled down to watch ‘Stardust’, a movie which was new to many of them. Sunday was a wonderfully charmed existence with a pyjama breakfast followed by energetic games outside in the sunshine, go-karting on the tennis courts and using their problem solving skills on treasure hunt. The children then thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon stroll to the fun and educational Hollycombe Steam Fair.

Bertie Campbell-Baldwin, Head of Boarding (Pastoral) and Boys' Senior Housemaster


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These are just a few of the exciting things the children have been involved in this week. More exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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