Inspiring People, Inspiring Places and Inspiring Things

Inspiring People, Inspiring Places and Inspiring Things
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Head's Thoughts

Our duty as a school is to encourage our children to ‘look out’ and to consider how they might best help others less fortunate. Of course, we don’t just need Harvest Festival to act as a spur, but it provides an invaluable way of reacquainting our children with the importance of service and consideration to others. It is heartening to reflect on the strong relationships the Highfield and Brookham community has established over the years. Read on...

Phillip Evitt, Highfield School Headmaster

Reception's Funky Fingers!

Reception have been engaging in a wide range of fine motor skill activities, known as Funky Fingers. The children have been strengthening their finger muscles, essential for performing everyday skills such as tackling clothes fastenings, using cutlery and developing their creative skills. They have started their mornings with an energetic dance to warm up their hands ready for their phonics session. Throughout the day the children have participated in bead threading and peg boards, as well as races to put as many pompoms as they can in a pot using tweezers. All these opportunities are perfect training for future surgeons, as well as helping children develop the fine motor skills needed to hold pencils and pens using the accurate tripod grip.

Olivia Shepherd and Jessie Millsom, Reception Class Teachers

Year 1's Superheroes

After finding the story of Eliot, Midnight Superhero mysteriously wrapped up and hiding in the vegetable garden, on the bird table,  Year 1 spent the last week immersing themselves in the text. They have been learning the story using drama and actions, bringing the characters to life. This week the children have been innovating the story, changing the character into their own superheroes, who strive to overcome challenges. Which superhero will save the world from destruction?

Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Teacher

Year 6 Scientists Fascinated by Fossils

In their Science lessons this week, Year 6 have been studying ecology and evolution. The children found out about the Linnean system of classifying living organisms and the features of the five vertebrate groups, as well as the invertebrate groups of spiders and insects. They learnt how we know about things from millions of years ago and how fossils are formed. They even enjoyed the chance to examine some real life fossils and are excited to be making their own cast ‘fossils’ next week. We further discussed the changing role of women in science and how their contributions are now better recognised, using fossil collector Mary Anning as inspiration. They were interested to discover many leading scientists are, and have been, women despite what historical articles may suggest. 

Peter Hesselmann, Science Teacher

Year 8 Experience Awe-inspiring Normandy

Year 8 enjoyed a truly fantastic week in Normandy. The many different experiences, from the awe-inspiring and melancholy cemeteries, through to walking on the quicksands in the bay of the Mont St Michel, will stick with them for a long time. It was also a week of spending time together, enjoying each other’s company and of setting up practices and ideals for the year ahead. It was tiring but exhilarating, and I am delighted by how brilliantly the children acquitted themselves and how they began their time in Year 8 so successfully. Many thanks too to Miss Jennings, Miss Page, Mr Murphy, Mrs Longshaw and Mr Hesselmann for their tireless presence, kindness, patience and support. View the full album of photos here.

Simon Mason, Head of Year 8

U13A Win Plate Competition at Highfield Football Tournament

The Highfield 6-a-side Football Tournament was a curtain raiser to the new season, encouraging lots of play and positive football, whilst also serving as preparation for this term’s IAPS tournament. Highfield A and B were two of twenty teams involved in the A and B team tournaments. The tournament was a great success, highlighting the positives of effort and skill, while emphasising that teams are strongest when they work together and for each other, particularly in challenging situations. Highfield A should be highlighted for their undefeated play and for winning the Plate Competition.

James Figgis, U13A Football Coach


Brookham House Points

Ash 484  Oak 439 • Willow 442

Highfield House Points

Good Marks
Betty Tyrwhitt-Drake 14 • Dee Dee Sinclair 11 • Lottie Alexander 11 • Tallulah Bateman 11 • Eleanor Fisher 5 • William Jennings 5 • Swithun Prescot 5 • Poppy Baker 5

Trafalgar 2.2 • Agincourt 1.9 • Waterloo 1.9

Plus Marks
Zac Jenkins 25, Isabel Salusbury 22 • Poppy Ouvaroff 19 • Henrietta Baillieu 7 • Edward Scott 7 • Polly Dove 5

Trafalgar 2.6 • Agincourt 2.4 • Waterloo 1.9

These are just some of the fantastic things the children have been up to recently. More exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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