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Head’s Thoughts

What is the difference between actions and words? Both are types of communication. However, one has to question whether we make strong statements and then fail to follow through with our deeds? As a community, we must constantly strive to turn our words into actions. After all, our children will remember deeds, long after they have forgotten words. Read on…

Sophie Baber, Headteacher, Brookham School

Nursery Are Farmers

We had some very exciting visitors this week - pigs, goats, sheep, geese, ducks, rabbits, chickens and even alpacas. What an exciting way for our Nursery children to learn about the world around them. They learnt how to care for the animals, what they eat and even had the chance to groom them. They were challenged to use their senses to identify the different textures of the animals' coats and to recognise the familiar farmyard sounds. They all agreed that the ducks were the noisiest of them all!

Reception Celebrate Harvest

This week Reception have been exploring why Harvest Festival is so important and how it is celebrated. They made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed being farmers, picking the fruit and vegetables that they have caringly grown themselves in their kitchen garden. They then took on the role of chefs, making their own delicious homemade soup with the produce. Once the children had cleared the garden they counted the tomatoes and were challenged to put them into tens frames, followed by ordering the pumpkins by size starting from smallest to largest.

Jessie Millsom, Reception Class Teacher

Year 1 Learn Through Play

"Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn." O. Fred Donaldson.

The children have been exploring all that our fantastic child-initiated learning areas have to offer. Puppet shows have been planned and performed to an excited audience - helping to develop the children’s speaking and listening skills. In the craft area, teddies and cushions have been sewn - requiring the children to use their fine motor skills. The most popular area this week has been the DT workbench; introducing risk at such a young age helps to encourage children to take responsibility for their actions and understand the importance of being safe when using tools. They have already proved that they are more than capable with a hammer or saw in their hands, and we look forward to seeing their creations throughout the year.

Georgie Hunter, Head of Year 1

Year 2 Celebrate European Day of Languages

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart." - Nelson Mandela.

To promote rich linguistic, cultural diversity and encourage lifelong language learning, Year 2 participated in European Day of Languages. After starting the day answering ‘yes’ to the register in as many languages as they could think of, the children were lucky to have four visitors who read stories to the children in their first language. The languages enjoyed were Greek, Portuguese and Danish. The children discovered that Greek letters are different to ours and tried their hand at pronouncing some words. In contrast, they learnt that most Danish letters are the same as ours and were challenged to pronounce some Danish words, which was very tricky! They found out about Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and Mrs Fiennes then read an extract from his fairy tale, the Princess and the Pea, in Danish which sounded very unusual! The children did recognise one word – princess!

Kerri Wilkes, Head of Year 2

Year 3 Climb a Mountain!

Sometimes it feels as though we have a mountainous, seemingly insurmountable challenge in front of us, blocking our way. Year 3 really were faced with a mountain this week as part of their Ice Worlds topic! A climbing wall visited us on a gloriously sunny Monday morning and the children faced their fears with determination. Such was their enthusiasm and resilience that, by the end of the session, some children were wearing blindfolds and climbing with the guidance of their friends! Without exception, the children showed themselves ready to face the challenges of the year ahead as they make the most of their final year at Brookham before graduating to the lofty heights of Highfield.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 ‘Teach It Wednesday’

Romilly became the first member of 4MP to present during ‘Teach It Wednesday’. Each week, a pupil has the opportunity to teach the class something new, develop their presentation skills and build on their confidence by speaking in front of their peers using any resources they see fit. Romilly delivered an excellent and interesting presentation about how to care for your animals. She opened by asking the class what they already knew about caring for animals, and proceeded to introduce different animals and explain the best way to hold them and care for them. She included the class brilliantly, asking excellent involving questions and choosing children to have a go at ‘holding’ the animal before clearly explaining the correct procedure. Everyone was incredibly impressed with Romilly’s presentation skills, her research and her wonderfully clear explanations. We are now all very excited to find out what Henry is going to teach us next Wednesday!

Charlotte Peerless, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Embark on 'A Musical Journey'

An amazing all-singing, all-dancing performance of 'A Musical Journey' wowed parents last week. The play was about a group of four children who found a dusty old book in a library and discovered it was about musical theatre! As they read on, each musical came to life with 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' re-enacted by 5SB, 'The Lion King' by 5VL, and 'Matilda' by 5OS. Each musical was represented by a scene and a song and the children all came together as a whole year group for their final song of 'When I Grow Up' from 'Matilda'. They learnt a lot about teamwork, performing skills, and how to all put 100% of their energy into creating a piece of theatre in just two drama lessons and two ‘Keys’ sessions. They worked incredibly hard and gave some really exciting performances, showing commitment, energy and enthusiasm every step of the way! You can see more of the photos from the performance here.

Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Year 6 Classicists Marvel at Archaeological Finds

This week saw a few lucky select Year 6s enjoy a Classics Day at Charterhouse, where they were challenged through a variety of stimulating activities. Usually eight coveted places are available, but with so many Highfieldians keen to attend we managed to squeeze in a few fortunate extras. An introduction to Ancient Greek saw the children master useful phrases about queens killing and schoolmasters punishing (these are traditional in the study of Classics). A session on Ancient Warfare included interesting discussions of military tactics, armour and other Greek weaponry. ‘Greek Rocks’, a look at the Acropolis and the Parthenon probed the children’s knowledge of mythology in an exercise to match the names of gods and goddesses with their likenesses from the Parthenon frieze. Perhaps most exciting was the opportunity to handle some original archaeological finds including Greek vases and an unusual miniature of a horse’s head. It is one thing to study Latin and Greek in the classroom, but quite another to hold a two and a half thousand year old piece of history in one’s hand!

Ed Clarke, Head of Classics

Year 7 Acrylic Creations

Year 7 have been studying thermos plastics and exploring acrylic properties in their DT lessons this week. They have completed their hand cut acrylic pencil holders using the fantastic range of equipment that the DT Lab has to offer, including tap and die stocks. They have also learnt to appreciate what they can achieve through using computer-aided design and have been challenged to put theory into practice to create laser cut clocks.

Jamie Dew, Head of DT

Year 8s Recyclable Eco-guys! 

It has become a tradition that the Guy that sits on the top of the bonfire at fireworks night is the winner from the 'House Guy Competition'. This week, the excitement has begun and teams of Year 8s from each House (Waterloo, Agincourt and Trafalgar) have started to work on their entries, showing fantastic creativity and teamwork. This year’s theme is ‘Mother Earth’ or ‘Gaia’ or something related to the topic of Earth and Climate. To challenge the children even further all sculpting materials, with the exception of tools like scissors, pens, PVA glue and tape, must be what would otherwise have gone in the recycling bin. Good luck to all teams! We look forward to seeing the winning Guy on top of the bonfire at fireworks night on Saturday 9th November!

Olga Houghton, Head of Art


Brookham House Points

Ash 522  • Oak 537 • Willow 408

Highfield House Points

Good Marks
Dee Dee Sinclair 26 • Poppy Ouvaroff 23 • Zak Jenkins 22 • Eleanor Fisher 11 • Swithun Prescot 9 • Angela Guo 8

Trafalgar 4.5 • Agincourt 4.2  • Waterloo 2.9 

Plus Marks
Zac Jenkins 39 • Isabel Salusbury 30 • Coco Bendon 27 • Lex Neads 27 • Daisy Green 15 • Joanna Chen 14 • Edward Hewlett 13

Agincourt 5.84 • Trafalgar 5.04 • Waterloo 4.24

These are just a few of the exciting things the children have been involved in this week. Even more exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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