Mountaineer inspires Highfield and Brookham Children

Mountaineer inspires Highfield and Brookham Children
Brookham Pre-Prep & Nursery Visits

Children in Year 3 at Highfield and Brookham School in Liphook were recently visited by mountaineer, explorer and adventurer, Nick Carter from London, who came to share his experiences of climbing Mount Everest with them as part of this term’s topic of Ice Worlds and Arctic Exploration.

Nick captivated everyone with his thrilling tale of climbing the world's highest mountain. He shared mind-blowing pictures and videos of his ascent and brought in lots of equipment to give the children a sense of what it would be like to climb a mountain and of how it would feel to experience high altitudes, low oxygen and freezing conditions. They got the chance to try on Nick’s boots with crampons, tent booties, 100% UV protective sunglasses, breathable over-mitts and thermal sleeping bag! However, one of the children’s favourite moments was using paper drinking straws to simulate the low oxygen conditions; it was hard to breathe normally through a straw!

Sophie Baber, Headteacher at Brookham School, said,

“The children loved their afternoon with Nick and learnt a great deal about Nick’s values of bravery, resilience, determination, kindness and teamwork, as well as the difficulties explorers  face when going to remote destinations. He inspired them to achieve their dreams, no matter how big, and gave them lots of advice about succeeding on all the adventures that lie ahead of them!”

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