Showcasing Creativity

Showcasing Creativity
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Head's Thoughts

In 2010, the Government’s Gifted and Talented programme was scrapped.  In many quarters, and particularly amongst parents whose children had been in said programme, there was absolute uproar.  This move brought with it concerns that the education system was lowering its standards to meet the needs of the average and as a result was settling for mediocrity.  The belief was that through this decision, schools were going to fail a generation of gifted minds and with this, turn their backs on one of our country’s greatest resources. Read on...

Sophie Baber, Headteacher at Brookham School

Festive Fizz And Shopping

Join us for a festive shopping evening with your friends and enjoy a glass of fizz while you shop. There will be a stunning array of gift stalls. You will also be able to order a freshly cut Christmas tree and free range turkey from local farms, as well as sample artisan cheese, gin and wine selections. This is the perfect opportunity to arrange Christmas in one go! Register today to receive your free shopping bag. Friends and families are all welcome.

Nursery Develop Multitude of Skills

Nursery children have been exploring the story of The Little Red Hen. They enjoyed learning and retelling the story using story stones and drama, with special actions to help them remember key elements of the story. Just like The Little Red Hen, the children made their own bread, working hard as a team to mix it, knead it, prove it, and finally, bake it. This activity gave the children the opportunity to explore textures, stimulate their senses and develop their fine motor skills when smelling the yeast and kneading and shaping the sticky dough. They also developed their communication and language skills as they discussed how the bread was made, what made it rise and how the texture changed throughout the baking process. Once the loaf was ready, the children practised using a knife to cut it and spread it with butter, before finally getting to enjoy their delicious, homemade bread!

Samantha Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Are Green Fingered

Reception enjoyed a sunny Tuesday afternoon in the garden. Having sung about Daffodils in Music, the children each planted a Narcissi bulb into a little pot. When they looked carefully at the shape of the bulb, they were fascinated to see that there were lots of little roots at the bottom. The children discussed the importance of these roots in helping the bulb to get food and water as well as learning how they help the flower balance in windy weather conditions. The group were challenged to follow set of simple instructions to plant the bulbs. They had to collect soil in their pots and plant the bulbs, making sure the roots were at the bottom and the flower bud was at the top. They then thought about what a bulb would need to grow. This inspired the children to water the bulbs and put them in a sunny spot to grow. Reception are looking forward to observing changes as their plants grow and hope to see lots of Narcissi flowering in the Spring!

Olivia Shepherd, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Enthused By Rhyme Time

As part of Petworth Festival Literary Week, Year 1, along with the rest of Brookham, had the privilege of meeting popular children’s author and illustrator, Andréa Prior. With her beautifully crafted illustrations and brilliant rhymes written to inspire, entertain and educate, Andréa introduced the children to the weird and wonderful names for groups of animals. There was a mischief of mice, a crossing of zebras, a shiver of sharks and a piddle of puppies! At the end of each rhyme engaging questions and fascinating facts helped the children learn even more about the animals and their behaviours. Andréa encouraged the children to have fun with literacy and language, and they revelled in joining in with the repetitive rhymes and actions. The session greatly enthused and boosted the confidence of Brookham’s aspiring writers whilst helping them to understand how books are created. Keep your eyes peeled for future budding authors!   

Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 Spanish Numbers And Colours

It has been proven that learning languages with the aid of songs effectively engages children. So, Year 2 were treated to an engaging video about colours to help them to retain some brand-new Spanish vocabulary. It also helped to improve their number vocabulary and most can now count to ten in Spanish, many up to 20. To consolidate their learning the children embarked on a maths addition colour by numbers. This really made sure they knew their stuff as they not only had to use the new Spanish vocabulary, but also their maths skills. 

Leana Staring, Head of MFL, Brookham

Year 3 Fossil Creations

Year 3 have been studying rocks and fossils and finished this half term by opening their very own 'Fossil' Museum to showcase their learning. They were challenged to create their own mould fossils using clay and plaster of Paris, drawing on what they had previously learnt. They then added to their museum preparations by writing exhibit cards for each of the specimens and carefully designed posters to advertise the museum itself, developing their imagination and creativity. The children very much enjoyed welcoming their adults to the 'Fossil' Museum on Friday before leaving for a well-earned half-term holiday.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Mindful Designers

As a festive end of half term treat, Year 4 enjoyed a carousel of educational Halloween themed activities: designing their own Halloween costumes, creating artistic spooky scenes and relaxing with some mindful colouring. The children were encouraged to express themselves and challenged to develop their creative skills in all the activities. They were encouraged to think especially carefully when they were deciding which textiles to use for their costumes. What colour would be best? Which texture reflects the most light? How could the costume keep you warm?

Susannah de la Haye, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Out Of This World

In their Music lessons this term, Year 5 have been studying Holst’s Planet Suite, one of the greatest orchestral works of all time. The children have been listening to this music and learning about and discussing the various movements in class. However, there is no music for Pluto, Earth or the Moon. So, the children were challenged with the task of composing their own piece of music for the lost planet, depicting its astrological character. Each class learnt to use MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to compose their music using the keyboard, and then enjoyed experimenting with manipulating sound using effects to create their own stunning space soundscape. Composing on a blank canvas is hard task so to support the children they have each been given an extension brief to further enhance their compositions.

John Muhlemann, Director of Music

Year 6 Historians Go Back In Time

On Tuesday, Year 6 explored the stunning and awe-inspiring Hever Castle, bringing their History lessons to life. During a guided tour the children were introduced to the life and times of King Henry VIII, his six wives, and Queen Anne Boleyn in particular. They were eager to hear an array of little known facts including that when Henry VIII paid one of his regular visits to Hever he brought his own locksmith and special door locks to keep him safe, and that Anne Boleyn’s real surname was Bullen. The group had the opportunity to marvel at the amazing tapestry that shows the marriage of Princess Mary and King Louis of France and were fascinated to learn that it took 12 years to make and cost more than a naval warship! Throughout the visit the children deepened their understanding of the Tudors and showed just how much they had learnt by accurately completing a questionnaire at the end of the day.

Simon Mason, Head of History

Year 7 U12A Hockey Show True Resilience

It was a game of two halves against Cranleigh School on Wednesday. The girls started off slowly and found themselves behind quickly. Cranleigh continued to apply the pressure and scored a couple more goals before the end of the half. During half time the girls were given some tough love and realised they had to up their game if they wished to compete in this match. The girls came into the second half with a hugely positive attitude and more belief that they could still get something out of this match. The performance was amazing with the girls keeping hot on the heels of the opposition and winning the ball high up the pitch. This led to a lot more chances which they were just not able to convert. It was a great game but with some tough lessons learnt which they can take with them for the rest of the season.

Elliott Hall, U12A Coach

Year 8 At Liphook Infant School

Our Keys programme takes children on a journey of self-awareness and personal development and encourages them to help make a difference to their local community. As part of this, a group of Year 8s have visited Liphook Infant School every Thursday afternoon, this half of term. They have helped the Year 1s with a variety of activities, such as listening to them read and playing word and maths games with them. Each Year 8 child has worked with the same Year 1s each week, building a positive relationship and helping the Year 1s to build their confidence. At first the children were slightly apprehensive, however, they threw themselves into it developing their sense of responsibility and the qualities of self-reliance, resourcefulness and service to the community. Many of the children have also discovered the pleasure of how simply engaging with others outside their normal friendship groups is profoundly enriching and enjoyable!

Emma Dunn, Teacher of Geography and RS

Brookham House Points

Ash 447 • Oak 477 • Willow 456

Highfield House Points

Good Marks

Dee Dee Sinclair 48 • Freya Rickards 45 • Isabel Salusbury 41 • Eleanor Fisher 46 • Charlotte King 19 • Sebastian Clowes 18

Agincourt 11.1 •  Trafalgar 10.7 • Waterloo 9.5 

Plus Marks

Olivia Perry 77 • Dee Dee Sinclair 73 • Coco Bendon 72 • Polly Dove 47 • Freya Fiennes 46 • Thea Porter 45

Agincourt 19.8 • Trafalgar 19 • Waterloo 16.8 

These are just a few of the exciting things the children have been involved in this week. Even more exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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