Change Starts With Us

Change Starts With Us
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

I thought you would be keen to know a little more about what we have been up to during this ‘Change Starts With Us’ week in raising awareness of the impact of bullying on young people.

Odd Socks Day was great fun with both children and staff fully embracing the concept and reflecting on the important message behind it, that everyone is unique and that individuality should be praised and applauded. I hope all odd socks have now found their other halves on their return home....!

We have also had year group assemblies throughout the week during which Mrs Melling, Miss Liddell, Mrs Hamilton, Mrs Longshaw and Mr Mason have focused on the key ‘Change Starts with Us’ message with their year groups, helping the children recognise that it takes collective responsibility to stop bullying, particularly in a school community.

Indeed, many of the activities this week have been about embracing life as a community and about helping the children interact with different friendship groups within their peer group, as well as different age groups throughout the School, to help encourage even greater support, tolerance and understanding of one another.

Children and staff took part in a Random Acts of Kindness activity. Names were pulled out of a hat within each year group, and children have been encouraged to perform acts of kindness towards each other, allowing children who would not necessarily play or interact together to engage positively and really think about what kindness looks like. Amongst the staff, we have already had exchanges of flowers, coffee, chocolate, and we look forward to hearing next week from the children about what they have experienced!

During three lunchtimes this week, we have also asked the children to come into lunch according to the first letter of their surname, in order to actively mix year groups. On the table were a number of conversation starters to help children chat to peers older or younger than themselves, and it has been a delight to see the positive impact of this. It is something we will look to replicate every so often, and is indeed something that the Year 8s themselves proposed as an idea. 

It goes without saying that beyond this week, we will of course continue to encourage the children to be kind, tolerant, and reflective, and to speak up for themselves or for others if they see unkindness or bullying. 

I do hope this gives you a good flavour of what your children have been involved in and thank you for reinforcing these key messages at home.

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