Respect for the Past, Present and Future

Respect for the Past, Present and Future
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Head's Thoughts

Kindness is the attribute that we place first and foremost in our schools.  It is Brookham’s first Golden Rule and a central theme reiterated in every aspect of school life, both at Highfield and Brookham.  Read on...

Sophie Baber, Headteacher at Brookham School

Nursery Numeracy

Every day in Nursery, there are opportunities for the children to develop their mathematical understanding through play. Whether it is counting out pieces of fruit or cheese at snack time, using a timer to take turns on the bikes or talking to an adult about numbers significant to them, all of these activities help develop an understanding of how mathematics is relevant to them in their day-to-day life. This week, the children have enjoyed exploring capacity and measures in the water and sand trays, looked at patterns when printing with paint, and have developed their understanding of 2D and 3D shapes when using magnetics and blocks to design and construct. They have used the cubes to build sets of towers of different numbers, Numicon pieces to help with counting and have even been developing their mathematical language when sharing out play food and cutlery during an imaginary picnic! Through these play experiences not only do the children develop their understanding of mathematical concepts but it also fosters in them a love of mathematical enquiry.

Samantha Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Go On A Bear Hunt!

What a Grrreat start to the week! The children arrived into their classrooms on Monday morning to discover an absolute mess! There was soft fur, straw and sticky honey everywhere. Reception searched for clues as to what it might be. Then one child noticed some paw prints which led outside. Eager to discover the culprit, the children followed the trail of footprints to the Forest where they found a note and gift from a bear. The thoughtful bear had left the children his favourite book to read ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Over the week the children have really enjoyed the challenge of learning the story using actions and pictures to help them. Perhaps you could ask your children to retell the story at home?

Olivia Shepherd, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Wow Parents

The year group held their much anticipated Open Class on Tuesday, where they invited their parents to come into the classroom to showcase all the fantastic things that they have been doing so far this term. The children were excited to share what they have been learning in Literacy about real life superheroes, and also retold facts they knew about the police using actions and words. Afterwards, they were set a junk modelling challenge to work with their parents to design and make a superhero vehicle from a variety of materials including cardboard and pipe cleaners. They were challenged to use their knowledge of superheroes that they have gained so far this term, and further develop their fine motor skills with lots of drawing, cutting and sticking.

Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 Eco Warriors

Accompanied by their counterparts in Years 1 and 3, Year 2 Eco Warriors visited the school’s biomass to learn how the school produces energy via a renewable source. With such an emphasis on cutting the world’s emissions, it seemed particularly significant for the Eco Warriors to learn how we as a school play our part. The biomass woodchip (which has been running for 7 years) replaced 20 oil fired burners, saving 140,000 litres of oil per year. The children learnt about the 21,000 litres of hot water which is stored in the system. After reading the temperature of the water in the tanks as 78°C, they were challenged to work out what temperature the water comes back as having been round the system, after learning it drops 9°C on return. They looked inside one of the boilers where temperatures exceed 750°C and were able to see how efficient and effective it is; the only product of 10 days of burning was just a small amount of ash! The children then walked through the chestnut logs, which they found out burns more efficiently as it is a hard wood. The Eco Warriors are looking forward to sharing all that they have learnt with the rest of the school in an assembly towards the end of term.

Henrietta Platt, Eco Warrior

Year 3 Lead Remembrance

Monday marked the centenary of the first ever Remembrance Day, held on 11th November 1919. This year, for the first time at Brookham, Year 3 children led the school’s Remembrance Day Assembly. They asked the younger children to recall recent and past events, to consider happy and sad memories and to consider the power of silence as a tool to access our thoughts and memories. They explained the symbolism of the poppy and then shared some WWI poetry. To see the younger children listening intently to their Year 3 role models and to hear the clear, poignant presentation of both poetry and assembly script was impressive. The children rose to the solemnity of the occasion and made thoughtful contributions to class discussions about peace and the importance of remembering those who have gone before. In turn, the Year 3 children commented on how impressed they were with the younger children's knowledge and participation in the questioning session. This Remembrance Day Assembly will become an annual event, led by Year 3 as they hone their presentation skills and broaden their knowledge of world events.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Travel Back to WW2

The children welcomed the History Man on Monday who brought with him an intriguing selection of authentic artefacts including guns, uniforms, helmets and sirens enabling them to experience what it would have been like to have lived, worked and fought between 1939 and 1940. They discovered how the war started and the History Man then engaged all the children in interactive role-play, bringing WW2 to life. They took part in an air raid and learned how soldiers would have followed orders. Some children became air raid wardens, some bomber planes, and some represented the countries involved in the War, whilst others demonstrated protecting children and babies from gas attacks! This was a fantastic opportunity for the year group to utilise and enhance what they have learnt in their topic work so far this term, and was an educational, thrilling and fun filled day for all involved.

Rosie Statham, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Junior Boarding Visitors

The Junior Boarding House has been buzzing with a fantastic group of Year 5 children. Over the last week our usual boarders have been joined by several Year 5 visitors who have stayed one or two nights to test out boarding. We always enjoy having visitors, showing them our newly refurbished dorms, bathrooms and playroom, and demonstrating how fun boarding can be. Homework is completed before a delicious tea leaving plenty of time to play before bedtime. This week we have had fun in the swimming pool, played sardines in the Master's House in the dark, made Christmas decorations and relaxed in front of a movie. Bedtime is at 8pm and the transition from a busy day to a dark room is helped by the nightly story CD. The story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory drifted into each dorm this week while everyone listened intently. With a good night’s sleep under their belts (and a huge cooked breakfast) the children were ready for another busy day at Highfield.

Kerri Wilkes, Junior Houseparent

Year 6 Choose Kindness

Anti-Bullying Week has raised awareness about the impact of bullying and has highlighted ways of preventing and responding to it. Year 6 focussed on their year group motto: 'When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind!' This linked perfectly with their set text in English, 'Wonder', which tells the story of a disfigured young boy who struggles to be accepted at school. The children agreed that bullying is an important topic and looked at the small steps everyone can take to make a positive difference and to ensure our school community is a kind and accepting place. Children had great fun wearing odd socks to celebrate the beauty of being unique and also discussed why being an individual makes life so fun and interesting! Lunchtimes have been great fun too as the children have dined with their peers from other year groups and been encouraged to chat about the variety of conversation starters placed on their table, for example, whether they would rather have the power of flight or the speed of a cheetah! The week culminated with a challenge, where every pupil picked the name of another pupil out of a hat and was tasked with doing a random act of kindness for that person. The aim is not only to highlight the importance of kindness towards others and the impact that even small acts can have but also to encourage the children to look up and look out, broadening their usual friendship groups. Read more from Alex Kingsbury - 'Change Starts With Us'.

Jane Hamilton, Head of Year 6 

Year 7 Experience Islam

To give a real life element to their work on Islam and to see what a mosque is like in reality Year 7 visited Shah Jahan Mosque.  The day gave the pupils a chance to reinforce their knowledge, especially on the Five Pillars of Islam, as well as learning new things about the religion. The children enjoyed the opportunity to meet some members of the Muslim community and asked them questions about their faith. The highlight of the day was the chance for to sit in at the back of the men’s afternoon prayers. This was an opportunity for the children to see prayer in action and to think about what it actually means for the people participating and how it may impact their lives. 

Zoe Thesiger-Pratt, Head of RS

Year 8 Linguists Talk Environmental Problems

Year 8 have been learning how to talk about environmental problems in Spanish; this is not only a very topical subject but something which frequently comes up in the Common Entrance examinations. There is a lot of quite complex language and grammar involved in discussing the environment in Spanish and so this was quite a challenge for the pupils. Nevertheless, as ever, my Year 8 group have tackled this with enthusiasm and shown some real linguistic talent in tackling some difficult translations. To complete the work, and inspired by a video we watched to start the topic, the pupils are making posters, presentations or their own videos to highlight the environmental problems we face and offer some advice and ideas on how we might tackle them. The excitement in the classroom as they got to work was palpable.

Joanna Longshaw, Head of MFL

Brookham House Points

Ash 572 • Oak 547 • Willow 535

Highfield House Points

Good Marks 

Dee Dee Sinclair 57  • Lottie Alexander 47  • Isabel Salusbury 46  • Charlotte King 40  • Martha Sherlock 27  • Sebastian Clowes 26

Agincourt 14.9 • Trafalgar 14.1 • Waterloo 13.5

Plus Marks

Dee Dee Sinclair 114 • Olivia Perry 106 • Coco Bendon 101 • Polly Dove 87 • Charlotte King 76 • Shaan Amin 73

Agincourt 29.7 • Trafalgar 29.5 • Waterloo 28

These are just a few of the exciting things the children have been involved in this week. Even more exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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