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Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into education of the young


This is the strap line to the Government’s policy on music education in the UK. They recognise the healing and inclusive nature of music, its profound educational value and its particular strength with the disadvantaged. Music is a glue that binds us across borders, creeds, races, ages and languages. It is a universal language.  Not surprisingly, Music plays a vital part at Highfield and Brookham, taught by specialists to all years from Nursery to Year 8. Read on...

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster, Highfield School and John Muhlemann, Director of Music

Nursery Find Their Balance

Throughout this term, Nursery have been working on their fundamental gross motor skills in their PE lessons. They have been learning how to travel in different ways, including skipping, galloping and hopping, and have been developing their coordination through rolling, catching and throwing different sized and shaped objects. They have also been learning all about balancing and how to negotiate space when attempting obstacle courses. This week, they showed their creativity and individuality when devising a short routine involving climbing, balancing and dismounting gymnastic apparatus. They then took turns to perform their routine. It was fantastic to see how quickly their confidence grew during the course of just one lesson!

Samantha Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Help a Curious Alien

The children received an extremely mysterious voicemail from a creature from Planet Zog. They had to listen really carefully as his voice was rather unusual! The creature’s name was Ali The Alien and he was desperate for our help. He had been reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.’ Having never visited Planet Earth before, Ali the Alien was rather confused by what mud, grass and water were. The children were asked to collect these items and describe them using adjectives to help Ali out. As well as resulting in some super writing, the children were left with some big scientific questions. How were the planets made? What are planets made from? Which planet appeared first? How far away are these planets? It was certainly an out of this world week!

Olivia Shepherd, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Visited By Superhero

This week the children had a visit from a real life hero, Sarah Dove, one of our school nurses. During the week’s literacy lessons the children had been learning about question words and the use of question marks. They used this knowledge to write some interesting questions to ask Sarah including 'Have you ever glued together someone’s head?' and 'What is it like to do night duty?'. The children compared the role of a nurse to that of the police, another superhero that they have studied, and they were surprised to hear that it takes considerably longer to train to be a nurse! 

Georgie Hunter, Head of Year 1

Year 2 Musical Extravaganza

Year 2, along with their peers from Years 3 and 4, welcomed children from three local schools; Sheet Primary School, St. Mary’s, Frensham and Langrish School, for an educational music workshop and performance of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat'. Children chose whether they wanted to be Joseph, one of the brothers, a narrator or part of the chorus and they certainly stepped into these roles with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Although it started out as a sung performance they soon picked up actions and stage-direction to bring the story alive. Considering the amount of lyrics the children learnt and the very short rehearsal time they had, they should be extremely proud of themselves for the remarkable performance that they produced.

 Mary Hall, Music Teacher

Year 3 First Ever Gala

Some of our Year 3 swimmers competed in their first ever swimming gala along with their peers from Highfield. This U8-U11 gala, against children from St Ives School and Camelsdale Primary School, provided the children with a fantastic introduction to competitive swimming, and the opportunity to learn how to correctly start and finish a race. Throughout the gala the Year 3s were challenged to use and develop the skills and strokes that they have learnt during their weekly swimming lessons including breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly and backstroke. Highfield and Brookham finished the gala with a very comfortable win. They should all be proud of themselves as they swam amazingly well under pressure in front of a huge audience winning all of their races.

Jo Gordon, Head of Swimming

Year 4 Poignant Poets

The children have been using WWII as their English stimulus. They started their English unit looking at a picture from The Blitz. They worked together in small groups and used the ‘see, think, wonder’ approach. What could they see in the picture? What did they think was going on in the picture? What questions did they have about the picture? The children learnt about rhyming, similes, personification and onomatopoeia, and showed excellent presentation skills, giving examples of these different poetic devices  - ‘The beautiful, historic buildings, which used to loom over London, savagely cascaded to the ground like a boulder rolling down a hill’ and 'The bombs whispered.’

Charlie Peerless, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Make Torch For BGF

In their DT lessons this term the children have been making a battery operated LED torch from MDF to tie in with their cross-curricular lessons on ‘The BFG’. Throughout the project the children have learnt about simple battery circuits. They also used both a coping saw and a scroll saw, and experienced first-hand the difference between hand cutting and mechanical sawing when challenged to accurately cut their MDF board into a food shape. Using the hot wire cutters the children cut two layers of foam to act as the torches' switch. This was followed by decorating with paint and marker pen, and finally transferring an image on to their torches to brand them. The project was completed by building a net diagram box package for their torch.

Jamie Dew, Head of DT

Year 6 Hearts Race

This half of term the children in Year 6 have been looking at healthy habits during their PSHE lessons. They have discussed what the differences are between good and bad habits and have opted to focus on healthy habits as they finish off the term in earnest. Exercise was considered to be an extremely important habit for the children and on a very fresh Monday morning one of the groups headed outside to do some good old fashioned PT to get the heart rate up. In doing this the children learnt about resting heart rates and challenged themselves to get their blood pumping every day to adhere to the adage, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. 

Bertie Campbell-Baldwin, PSHE Teacher

Year 7 U12 Rugby Tournament

On a rather cold and blustery Wednesday afternoon we welcomed 11 teams to the Highfield U12 Rugby Tournament. The tournament is designed to offer plenty of short fixtures as boys get into the new Rugby season. Both Highfield teams looked to build on a strong start to the season and there were some great flashes from individuals throughout the afternoon. For the U12Bs, William scored some solid tries while an outstanding tackle by Fergus also stood out. Meanwhile, the work of Jasper and Sander at the breakdown created opportunities for their U12A teammates. The best try of the whole tournament came thanks to a mazy run by Sonny before a lovely offload for Eli to finish well. Although not finishing towards the top of their respective groups, all the boys involved showed great character and desire to encourage each other.

James Figgis, U12A Coach

Year 8 Inaugurate Epicurious Society

The Year 8s were warmly invited to the inaugural meeting of The Epicurious Society. The society was born to help expand the pupils' horizons - the give them the space to discuss important world issues in the formal setting of an evening meal. The night started with an amazing two-course dinner and was followed by our inspiring speaker - Chris Morrison (father of George and Eloise). He delivered a thought-provoking address on energy and climate change. He presented the climate issues that are currently effecting the world such as wild fires and flooding. He asked the children to reflect on the part they play on climate change by comparing the amount of energy we use in comparison to other countries. They all left the evening feeling inspired and motivated to make a change!

John Muhlemann, Director of Music

Brookham House Points

Ash 299 • Oak 259 • Willow 300

Highfield House Points

Good Marks 

Freya Rickards 71 • Dee Dee Sinclair 63 • Lydia Warr 57 • Petr Zhesterov 57 • Charlotte King 42 • Matilda Hogg 34 • Martha Sherlock 32

Agincourt 18.1 • Trafalgar 16.5 • Waterloo 15.7 

Plus Marks

Dee Dee Sinclair 137 • Lex Neads 133 • Zachary Jenkins 131 • Polly Dove 93 • Millie Alli 93 • Shaan Amin 89

Agincourt 38.2 • Trafalgar 36.7 • Waterloo 35.8 

These are just a few of the exciting things the children have been involved in this week. Even more exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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