Learning Through Experiences

Learning Through Experiences
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Head's Thoughts

This afternoon, I was privileged to be a small part of something truly wonderful.  As the autumn sun shone above, I looked on as families worked together to replant Beech Avenue.  For once, I had the luxury of watching others toil while I took a few moments to ponder over the symbolism of this event. Read on...

Sophie Baber, Headteacher at Brookham School

Nursery Show Individuality

One of the highlights of the Nursery week is ballet with Miss Danni. The children enjoy improving their coordination and gross motor skills through dancing and miming to music. They practise different ways of travelling and are introduced to some of the ballet positions and movements such as first and second position and the plié. Their ballet sessions help the children develop their listening skills and ability to hear rhythm in music, as well as their imagination in the area of expressive arts and design. Bear Cubs particularly enjoy the opportunity they have during the lesson to perform individually. They take it in turns to show their individuality, as they travel across the room in time to the music and finish with a demonstration of one of the ballet positions they have learnt. As well as being a wonderful learning opportunity and a lot of fun, the weekly ballet lesson also provides the perfect opportunity for dressing up!

Samantha Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Join Hands

As is done each week, the children began their PSHE session with ‘calm me time’, sitting in a circle and listening to a chime, providing them with the opportunity to focus on their breathing and calm their bodies during the busy day. They then moved on to their PSHE focus, which this week was 'Making Friends'. They shared their ideas on how to make friends and how we can be a kind friend to others. The children came up with ideas of what we can say or do that makes us a kind friend. We read the story 'Frog is a Hero' that embodies the simple, yet universal message that kindness makes us happy. After the story and lots of discussion the children used their creative skills to draw pictures of themselves and we joined up the hands to resemble our friendship.

Jessie Millsom, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Wowed By Helicopter

The year group were in awe of the real life superhero Mr Fanshawe who came to talk to them about his job as a helicopter pilot on Thursday. Flying in in an actual helicopter, Mr Fanshawe greeted the children on the golf course and wowed them with his Agusta 109 helicopter. He then shared facts about the use of helicopters and how the emergency services use them to help people, along with his heroic escapades during his time in the army. Prior to his visit, the children had thought about questions to ask, uncovering a variety of interesting and daring facts which they have been challenged to draw upon in order to make a real life superhero information booklet.

Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 First Ever Hockey

Year 2 children took part in their first ever hockey matches against Churcher's College Junior School. Despite only starting hockey three weeks ago, Year 2 showed off their excellent dribbling, passing and shooting skills. The children were split into three teams and played three matches each, with a few wins and a few losses. As it was most of the children’s first time playing in a hockey match, the beginning was a little chaotic. However, as the matches went on we saw an incredible improvement in their spacing and communication as they got to grips with the logistics of a hockey match. All the children showed great enthusiasm and teamwork during their games and especially enjoyed their first ever match tea!

Hannah Hasim, Sports Teacher

Year 3 Keep A Secret

The children have been preparing for their Christingle Service, which will be held in the Chapel on Monday 9th December. In addition to musical rehearsals, they have learnt about the significance of the Christingle orange, ribbon, fruits and candle, discovering some facts about the origins of the Christingle and how it relates to Advent and Christmas. In a broader conversation about Advent, the children were challenged to consider the important messages of special events, rather than just seeing them as an opportunity for chocolate or presents. If you meet a Year 3 child during Advent, you may well have something wonderful happen to you! They have each created an advent calendar with a 'random act of kindness' behind each window. Beds may well be made, complements bestowed, rooms tidied and pets fed without prompting. To further explore the concepts of generosity and kindness during the Christmas season, the year group is excited to each have selected the recipient of their Secret Santa present. While keeping the name secret, they will be trying to find out that person's hobbies and interests so that their Secret Santa gift will be appropriate while remaining a mystery.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Bright Sparks

4S have been learning about electrical circuits in Science this week. They were challenged to apply their knowledge and problem solving skills to make a lightbulb light up using wires, batteries and, of course, a lightbulb! It was certainly a challenge to make sure the wires connected in the right place! Through this activity, they built an understanding of complete and incomplete circuits, thinking about all the elements a complete circuit needs. Now they understand circuits, 4S will challenge themselves to create a light-up Christmas card. Look out for their Christmas cards in a few weeks’ time.

Rosie Statham, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 See King Arthur Live

The children are learning about the Saxons in History and will soon begin to study the story of King Arthur. The story of King Arthur is legendary and to help bring history alive the year group were treated to a theatrical extravaganza this week. Five brave members of staff took to the stage to act out the story, impromptu, involving Year 5 as an ‘active audience’. They revelled in seeing their teachers perform. Over coming lessons, the children will be further enhancing their knowledge looking at the story of King Arthur in more depth, focussing on the facts, and studying the evidence to support or disprove the claims that King Arthur existed.

Richard Dunn, History Teacher

Year 6 Get Christmas Started

The annual boarders’ trip to the Winchester Christmas Market was met with eager anticipation last Sunday. Year 6, joined by their friends from Years 7 and 8, spent an energetic hour on the outdoor ice rink, which looked spectacular in front of the cathedral. A number of children showed off their impressive skating skills, while others improved their balance and coordination skills. Bronson was crowned this year's King of the ice with Sophia Smith demonstrating her prowess in ice skates by helping our youngest boarders to gain confidence. There were lots of lovely stalls, with plenty of gifts to choose from and a huge variety of delicious food and tempting drinks on offer. It was lovely to see so many of the children buying little Christmas gifts for their parents or siblings and taking great care with their choices. 

Jane Hamilton & Martine Melling

Year 7 Midsummer Night's Dream

A cast of 30 pupils from Year 7 took part in their long awaited production of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ this week as part of Shakespeare Schools Festival, a nationwide event involving over 200 schools. The children were challenged to perform this poignant Shakespeare play on the incredible professional stage at G Live. Through doing so, they have developed their voice projection and performance skills, and grown their confidence. The cast and crew used every ounce of energy and enthusiasm as they took part in their rehearsals. Their final performance was outstanding and had the audience laughing and cheering as they opened the evening’s show. The children were praised by the festival's coordinator for their comic timing, their musicality, and clear story-telling whilst all performing using Shakespeare's original text. We are so proud of every single one of them.

Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Year 8 Rock

Monday’s Rock Concert featured a great number of Year 8s, all of whom chose, sourced and rehearsed their songs of their own volition. This independence gives the evening a different feel to more ‘formal’ concerts and allows the student the freedom to express themselves in front of peers and parents alike. It also gives them an opportunity to work with audio equipment and understand the set-up of amps, microphones, mixers and foldback. We experimented with reverb and echo to give some of the songs that ‘stadium’ feel and they had the choice of performing with a live band or backing track. Everyone performed brilliantly on the night and showed the younger members of the audience what can be achieved in that final year.

John Muhlemann, Director of Music

Brookham House Points

Ash 365 • Oak 353 • Willow 305

Highfield House Points

Good Marks 

Freya Rickards 91 • Dee Dee Sinclair 72 • Harry Medcalf 70 • Charlotte King 46 • Martha Sherlock 36 • Matilda Hogg 34 

Agincourt 20.2 • Trafalgar 18.2 • Waterloo 17.4

Plus Marks

Dee Dee Sinclair 142 • Tallulah Bateman 140 • Lex Neads 133 • Charlotte King 106 • Polly Dove 96 • Millie Alli 93

Agincourt 42.5 •  Trafalgar 41 • Waterloo 40

These are just a few of the exciting things the children have been involved in this week. Even more exciting news and photos will be shared on social media, so please don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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