A Tree For Life

A Tree For Life
Highfield & Brookham Charity

Children and parents, past and present recently gathered to help plant 46 new beech trees in our school grounds helping to raise £15,369.60 for the Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund.

Last October, Beech Avenue, the magnificent avenue of mature trees that provided one of the most beautiful natural features of our grounds had to be felled as many of the trees had become unsafe. We invited current and past families to donate towards the cost of the new trees and these trees are now theirs ‘for life’ with 100% of the money raised going to the Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund.

The Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund was created in 2007. It is an award scheme offering fully funded school places for children who would draw exceptional benefit from joining the school, perhaps as a result of less than optimal family or educational circumstances. The aim of the fund is to broaden access to children for whom a Highfield and Brookham education is likely to have the greatest impact on their academic and personal development and future life chances.

A current parent who helped with the planting said:

Phillip’s words were very touching and it was wonderful to hear about his thoughts behind the last set of trees being planted after WWI.  I love the fact that we are replanting in their memory again, and for others loved and lost. It was a very special day, and certainly one we shall always remember.

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster said:

Thank you to all the families who made donations to have their 'tree for life' in our beautiful school grounds. This replanting is a powerful confirmation of our continued commitment to the stewardship of our glorious environment. Not only is this planting in step with our environmental ambition, it is also to be a celebration of our commitment to broadening access to the school through the Centenary Bursaries Fund.

There are a few trees left for families who are looking to make a donation.

Find out more about Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund.

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