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Head's Thoughts

In her introduction to last week’s Newsletter, Sophie wrote about the wonder of words and language and encouraged us to watch Stephen Fry’s eloquent exposition on how language makes us human. We love language and reading at Highfield and Brookham and this week I want to celebrate another way we use language, the amazing and timeless power of telling stories in the traditional way, eye to eye, face to face, and heart to heart. Read on...

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster at Highfield School

Nursery Explore Shapes

The children in Nursery have a whole variety of opportunities, throughout the week, to develop their gross motor skills. Their weekly PE lesson helps them to develop in the key area of Physical Development. This week the children explored basic gymnastics shapes, starting with straight, star and tuck. They looked at how they could link these shapes with the travelling that they have already explored in previous sessions. They were also introduced to the pike and straddle shapes and will be linking these together next week. Bear Cubs were so inspired they were also able to create new ideas of their own.

Samantha Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Subtraction Superheroes

Creativity is interwoven throughout our teaching to inspire children in everything they do and learn. This week Reception have been working with partners to act as a collector or a robber to help them understand that when we take away the number becomes smaller. To aid the children in visualising their sums they used a part-part-whole grid. The children then recorded the number sentences on their individual whiteboards so they could interpret and explain what they had learnt.

Mrs Olivia Shepherd, Reception Class Teacher

Year 1 Make Cross Curricular Links

'Animals and their Habitats' is the Science Topic this term and Year 1 have been taking part in cross-curricular activities to reinforce their learning.  In Science they have been thinking about what animals all have in common. They were challenged to find as many similarities as possible with their Learning Partner - they all move, grow, breathe and reproduce. Using a life size outline of a human body, the children learned to identify, name, label and draw different parts of the body. Cross-curricular links were then made in Spanish where they took part in an active game of heads, shoulders, knees and toes. The children were encouraged to add in further body parts to the song.

Mrs Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 Compete At Cross Country

Resilience and determination were put to the test this week at the St Ives Cross Country. 12 children were invited to compete against four other schools from the local area. The runners had to push themselves really hard especially when facing the very steep hill in the last 100m. They all showed great sportsmanship as they cheered on the other runners up the ascent. Their dedication paid off as in all four races, a Brookham runner crossed the finish line first and Saffy, Alba, Rupert, Arthur, Toby and Freddie all came away with medals. 

Hannah Hasim, Head of Sport at Brookham

Year 3 Visit The Home Of Rugby

With rugby season in full swing and the Six Nations about to start there could not have been a better time to further the Year 3 boys' knowledge of the game at Twickenham Stadium. They were treated to an expertly delivered tour around the 82,000 capacity stadium. The tour started in the executive boxes at the top of the stadium with a view overlooking the luscious green turf where so many magical moments have been made. The next stop was to visit the Royal Box and Presidential Suite. What an opportunity to sit where members of the Royal Family have! To end the tour, the children were treated to a sneak peek inside the dressing rooms, where World Cup winners and legends of the sport have assembled.

But learning about the game wasn't enough, the boys wanted to get stuck in so, off to The Stoop  - the home ground of the Mighty Quins - they went. The inspired young players were treated to an exceptional master class rugby session delivered by some of Harlequins’ finest coaches who work directly with the academy, women’s and men’s sides. The boys learned to find space, communicate, pass effectively and react to turn overs. It was an extremely memorable experience and one they will take into their future matches and blossoming rugby careers.

Charlie Millsom, Head of Year 3 

Year 4 Compliment Circle

PSHE is about all about personal development. It gives children the space, time and guidance to think about themselves, as well as the others around them. 4S have been focusing on developing and keeping strong friendships. They have explored ways to get along with peers, what happens when they fall out with a friend and how to notice and label the emotions they are feeling - which is really hard to do! Circle time gave the children an opportunity to compliment their peers, but also hear compliments about themselves. It made the pupils feel wonderful and reminded them that in order to keep friends, being kind is vital. Working in groups to unpick the emotion anger, 4S discussed what happens in their bodies when a friend makes them angry and how best to react in this situation. They compared anger to a firework and explored different ways to calm down in order to resolve a falling out with a friend.

Rosie Statham, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Write For Their House

Being part of a House means a lot to the children, providing identity and the opportunity to contribute to something bigger. In preparation for the House Creative Writing Competition, Year 5 are reading 'Why the Whales Came' by Michael Morpurgo. Over the last few weeks they have been building on their creative writing skills -  brainstorming words a picture stimuli evoked, thinking about all five senses, using these words to build sentences and finally constructing descriptive paragraphs. They have also dedicated time to edit and improve their work as doing your best for your House is as important as doing well for yourself.

Vivienne Liddell, Head of Year 5

Year 6 Get Excited About Rain

Creative tasks in the classroom inspire children to look at the topics they are studying in different ways. Year 6 have been learning about the 'Water Cycle' in their topic 'Water and Climate' and were tasked with creating an alternate way to share their understanding. All pupils have participated and been truly inventive in their efforts, whether it be by creating raps, songs, short stories or role plays. It has been wonderful to see the confidence that pupils have shown while presenting their work, including key terminology such as transpiration and precipitation, and just how excited everyone can be about rain!

James Figgis, Head of Geography

Year 7 Create A Riptide

The children love the vibrancy of the music on offer and the sense of what can be achieved as an ensemble. Year 7 are learning about playing in a band this term and the skills and dedication required to do so.  The first element for them to master is the chord sequences which they are practising in their groups on the ukulele. This week they have been learning the 4 chord sequence for the song Riptide.

John Mühlemann, Director of Music

Year 8 Highreach

At the heart of our school is our desire to give back and to provide the children with plenty of opportunities to reach out to the local community. The children give up their Thursday afternoons to visit to a number of local schools and centres, including Liphook Junior School and Holywater School. They assist in the classrooms, visit the sensory room and enjoy playtime with the children. We believe this enriching experience is one of the reasons why we see so many Old Highfieldians return to volunteer at Highfield Highreach Holidays. Our week long residential holiday for children with disabilities is about to embark on its 3rd year and we are looking for people to help make it happen. Do you know someone aged 17 - 25 who would make a fantastic volunteer and would be willing to give up a week of their summer? For more information or, for any contributions towards the holiday, please contact me on

Vivienne Liddell, Senior Member of Highreach Holidays

Highfield House Points

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Minty Delliere 10 • Maximus Fiennes 5 •  Ptolemy Graves 5 • Coco Bendon 4 • Albie Black 4 • Dougie Hogg 4 • Rafe Jenkins 4 •  Mariella Lacey-Gutsell 4

Agincourt 2.5 • Trafalgar 1.9 • Waterloo 1.9

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Cristo Porter 24 • Maximus Fiennes 22 • Destiny Williams 20 • Angela Guo 18 • Tallulah Bateman 17 • Cathy He 17

Agincourt 11.5 • Trafalgar 9.6 • Waterloo 10.9

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Hattie Glaister 13 • Joshua Liu 11 • Charles Song 11

Trafalgar 2.0 • Waterloo 1.7 • Agincourt 1.2

Brookham House Points

Ash 184 • Oak 216 • Willow 214

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