Surviving The Storm

Surviving The Storm
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Head's Thoughts

Last week Sophie wrote about the dilemmas we face as parents over allowing our children mobile phones, not least as they are gateways to the internet and its benefits and potential risks. Read on.

Mrs Alex Kingsbury, Deputy Head Highfield School

Nursery Out In All Weather

Learning outdoors comes with a whole host of benefits and the small but mighty Nursery children, even in the most inclement weather, are keen to don their wellies and waterproofs to take to the great outdoors. This week was no exception and a little storm couldn't deter them. They ventured outside in the rain, wind, sleet and cold. Wrapped up snuggly against the elements, they explored the new spring flowers, built bridges in the garden, and headed out on their usual trips to Forest School to explore, dig, camp build, and cook on an open fire.

Mrs Samantha Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Calm After The Storm

Whilst Storm Ciara caused inconvenience for many, it gave Reception opportunities to develop their abilities to problem solve and work collaboratively. The children enjoyed measuring, transporting and pouring water in the outdoor area. There were deep discussions about the different capacities of each container when the children were challenged to estimate how many small buckets would fill a larger bucket. After the bucket was filled they decided to make a ramp strong enough to race cars down. They waited in anticipation to see which car would be first. The results were announced using positional language just in time, before another gust of wind blew over their ramp. The children worked as a team to consider how they could make their ramp stronger to withstand the next gust.

Mrs Olivia Shepherd, Reception Class Teacher 

Year 1 Read Aloud

In order to write effectively, we need to articulate and communicate ideas and organise them coherently. Year 1 have practised these skills while writing their very own Great Fire of London stories inspired by imitating and innovating ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’. They were hugely proud of what they had written and they had the pleasure of reading them to Reception who were a fantastic audience. They were challenged to read them clearly and succinctly and they worked hard in gaining, maintaining and monitoring the interest of their audience. Reception were encouraged to ask questions afterwards which required them to think about the plot and the structure of their stories, whilst further discussing and reflecting on what they had written.

Mrs Henrietta Platt, Year One Class Teacher 

Year 2 Tackle The Storm

Year 2 ended their Rugby season with an exhilarating Rugby Festival at Churcher's College Junior School - the wind and the rain from Storm Ciara wouldn't stop them. Although slightly chaotic with the windy conditions, the children put their heart and soul into the afternoon's matches against Churcher's and St. Hilary's. With each match, the Year 2s slowly but surely got to better grips with the rules and strategies of the game, which resulted in some terrific tries and amazing tags. It was even more wonderful to see each team supporting each other with true enthusiasm.

Miss Hannah Hasmin, Head of Sport Brookham

Year 3 This Is Me

Safer Internet Day encourages young people to explore how they manage their online identity, and consider how the internet shapes how they think of themselves and others. Year 3 children learnt ways to protect themselves and their identity online. They debated celebrating differences and working towards creating a truly inclusive internet. They discussed what makes up an individual’s online presence unique: the facts or characteristics about themselves; how others perceive and interact with them, as well as how online services identify them. They also looked at how offline stereotypes and prejudice can be challenged, or sometimes reinforced, online.  They are looking forward to giving their families some guidance and tips to help keep them safe online. If parents would like advice on how they can support being save online information can be found at

Mr Charlie Milsom, Head of Year 3

Year 4 Colour Is Key

Continuing their lively Africa topic Year 4 injected some extra colour into their Art lesson this week. Children were challenged to create a flamboyant mixed media piece using collage, pencils, pastels and paint to replicate the vibrancy of the African culture they have been learning about over the last few weeks. They also learnt a new trick to help them accurately draw their African animals. Drawing a grid on top of the animal image they had chosen to copy broke the picture into smaller, more manageable shapes for the children to draw. 

Mr Terry Leggo, Art Teacher

Year 5 Speak Spanish

In an international world, we are helping pupils understand the importance of language and culture. This term in Spanish, Year 5 have been learning about ‘mi Casa’, ‘my house’. They have learned how to name various rooms and talk about what they would have in their dream house. As with every topic, the children have embarked on different activities to spark interest and reinforce their knowledge. This started with simple matching activities but quickly developed to listening and reading tasks which the iPads were utilised for. There was even a treasure hunt around the school to try to work out which room was which. Finally, to develop confidence with the spoken word, the children prepared a speech which the children wrote and then filmed. Que gauy!

Miss Vivienne Liddell, Head of Year 5

Year 6 Take On Seaford

It is our continued aim to see the girls transfer their skills and knowledge from coaching sessions to competitive matches and this week was no different with the U11 matches against Seaford. The U11As were dominant from the start and played some fantastic tactical Netball. It was brilliant to observe their continuing positive momentum in their run up to the Regionals. Destiny in particular had a exceptional game, showing real dynamism, balance and skill.

The first quarter for the U11Bs gave us a 2 - 0 advantage with two great shots by Mariella Costa Duarte. All the girls offered a strong performance focusing on their front cuts and court order. They showed their ability to attack and defend incredibly. As the game continued all our shooters showed their great shooting abilities allowing us to win 11-2. The girls should be extremely proud of themselves for how much they have improved through the season. Player of the match was Emma Hewitt.

This was some of the best netball I have seen the U11Cs play. The first quarter saw both teams score, with Blanca Perez making a great shot. We continued to play a very strong game, with some great defensive play. Although the match ended with a 4-1 win to Seaford, our girls held possession for the majority of the game. There has been such a lot of improvement in the girls’ playing since the beginning of the term. Our player of the match was Queena Gu for her perseverance and her amazing passing which has come on so much this term.

Miss Jo Gordon, Miss Jessica Page and Miss Hannah Freery, U11 Netball Coaches

Year 7 Historical Trip

To bring to life their study of Napoleon Year 7 visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Being able to see and experience what life would have been like for Napoleon was an eye-opening experience for all of the children. The guided tour of HMS Victory equipped children with more historical facts and allowed them to soak up what the atmosphere would have been like aboard the ship. To help consolidate what they have learnt they handled and studied sources about the Battle of Trafalgar. A visit to HMS Warrior allowed the children to identify and explore the differences between two similar but so very different ships.

Simon Mason, Head of History

Year 8 Words And Movement

Year 8 visited Chichester Festival Theatre to see an incredible production of 'A Monster Calls', based on the novel by Patrick Ness. This was a devised piece of theatre, inspired by an idea by Siobhan Dowd. The pupils, joined by 5 other schools, attended a cast workshop in the morning led by the movement directors and the actors playing Conor O'Malley and Lily. The pupils were introduced to the concept of how the piece was devised and learnt about how the staging was created, where everything was declared. They explored 2 script extracts and discovered that the performance they were about to see was not just about the words, but the physical embodiment of the story and it's characters. As one of our 'stronger pupils', Freddie Griffith got to explore the weight of the 22 ropes that became the yew tree in the production and went up on stage with the actors. The incredibly moving, artistic and mesmerising performances they saw that afternoon, had complete context for the Year 8's, having experienced the workshop that morning, and everyone had a truly memorable day at the theatre.

Mrs Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Highfield House Points

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Peter Zhesterov 17 • Rafe Jenkins 14 • Minty Delliere 13 • Maximus Fiennes 13 •  Queena Gu 10 •  Ptolemy Graves 10

Agincourt 9.5 • Trafalgar 8.7 • Waterloo 7.8

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Imogen Knight 45 • Cathy He 39 • Destiny Williams 39 • Maximus Fiennes 38 • George Barraclough 27 • Tallulah Bateman 26 • Daisy Green 26

Agincourt 29.8 • Trafalgar 26.5 • Waterloo 25.1

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Hattie Glaister 27 • Bronson Chen 20 • Fabian Mayes 19

Trafalgar 5.5 • Agincourt 5.3 • Waterloo 3.8

Brookham House Points

Ash 395 • Oak 416 • Willow 368


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