Year 7 Go Back in Time at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Year 7 Go Back in Time at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard
Highfield Prep School Trip

Trips beyond the classroom really help bring learning to life and give children the opportunity to gain hands on experience of a topic. Year 7 recently visited Portsmouth Historic Dockyard as part of their history studies to find out what life was like on board H.M.S Victory. Two pupils give a recount of their trip below:

When we first arrived at the dockyard in Portsmouth we split up into our groups for the day. There were three groups, we each had the same activities but at different times. We had a tour around H.M.S. Victory, we had a wonderfully knowledgeable tour guide who could answer all our questions. One of my favourite parts about looking around H.M.S. Victory was seeing the plaque the showed where Nelson fell in the Battle of Trafalgar. We also learnt about life on board for the sailors and the mess tables and food that was cleverly stored on board the ship. After our tour guide answered the last of our questions we walked over to have a tour around H.M.S. Warrior. On this ship I loved it when we learned where the different expressions came from. On board the ship there was the great big guns, they were massive. We were shown how they would have been used; using the gunpowder and how they had to clean the inside each time they fired the gun. What amazed me was the fact that boys aged 8-12 would go on board doing difficult duties. We had some lunch and then went to our next activity; for me it was doing the workshop on H.M.S. Victory. When we got there we saw different sources of information and we had to work out whether the sources could be reliable or not. In doing this I also learnt a lot about what jobs were done on the ship and the pay they received. Next we walked over to the gift shop and to Action Stations where there were different simulators and things to have a go at. I loved seeing all the different parts of the ships and finding the truth about all the sources, it was a great and interesting day out!

By Lucy Salusbury and Sonia Yaroslavska, in Year 7.


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