Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration Is Key
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Head's Thoughts

No one was more surprised than I was when I proclaimed that my New Year’s resolution was to run a half marathon.   Unfortunately, I made this announcement during the first whole school assembly of the calendar year.  While I knew that the children in nursery were unlikely to remember, I was not sure whether the rest of the school would have taken a mental note of this specific detail.  Could I get out of this?  Not a chance! Read on...

Mrs Sophie Baber, Headteacher Brookham School

Nursery Mix It Up

Brookham Nursery children making pancakes

Cooking is always a popular activity and gives the children an opportunity to develop their understanding of maths when measuring out the ingredients. It also allows them to explore new language when discussing the different textures of the ingredients they are using. This week, Nursery had a fantastic time marking Shrove Tuesday by making pancakes. They followed a recipe and mixed their own batter before taking it up to Forest School to cook it on an open fire they made with Mrs Martin, our Forest School leader. Around the fire there was a discussion about healthy eating, which is part of PSHE for this half of the term and about staying safe when cooking over a fire. Best of all they were able to enjoy sitting around the fire pit in the woods, sampling their own delicious freshly cooked pancakes!

Mrs Samantha Foster, Head of Nursery

Reception Mardi Gras Carnival

Brookham Reception children take part in Mardi Gras Carnival workshop

Reception were in the carnival mood this week and filled the hall with their samba moves in celebration of Mardi Gras. Jo, our wonderful dance instructor, taught the children the importance of the drum rhythms heard in samba music, to which they had a tremendous time learning all of the steps. They learnt that the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival goes on for six hours - that's like dancing for a whole school day! For the finale, they wore the masks that they had painted earlier this week, and thoroughly enjoyed swinging their hips to the energetic beat of samba. The other year groups, of course, couldn't resist and all had their chance to dance the samba. 

Mrs Leana Staring, Spanish Teacher

Year 1 Lesson Lead By Year 8

Year 8 Highfield children run Sports lesson for Year 1.

As the children move through Brookham up to Highfield there are many skills and qualities that we help them develop and build upon - leadership being one of them. Having carefully planned a PE lesson, which included dodgeball, shooting practice and basketball skills, Year 8 demonstrated excellent leadership skills when working with Year 1 this week. The Year 8s inspired the younger children to display a high level of resilience and determination. As the session progressed, it was clear they were becoming more confident at working effectively as a team thanks to the support from their older peers. The children are already looking forward to taking part in their next session in a few weeks time when they will use the skills that they have learned in order to try and beat the Year 8 sports leaders!

Mrs Georgie Hunter, Head of Year 1

Year 2 Annual Swimming Gala

Brookham Year 2 at their Annual Swimming Gala

Our Annual Year 2 Swimming Gala gives the children the opportunity to showcase not just their fantastic technical ability, but also their resilience, courage and determination. Despite some early morning nerves, Year 2 swam their hearts out. The children raced capably in all four stokes and the smiles on their faces, as they headed down the pool during the fun race at the end, demonstrated their enjoyment.  The roar of the parents and children was deafening and encouraged the swimmers to the finish line as quickly as they could swim.

Mrs Kerri Wilkes, Head of Year 2

Year 3 Healthy Fitness Day

Brookham Year 3 Healthy Fitness Morning

Year 3 know that you get out of life what you put into it, and took this to a new level during their action-packed Healthy Fitness Day. The day began with a 'gentle' 2km run (additional hill sprints optional), accompanied by family members of the two- and four-legged variety. Upon their return to school, the children were challenged to work out which ingredients Mr Millsom had included in his superpower smoothie before they were put through their paces in a variety of speed, strength and agility challenges by the Highfield sports coaches. 

Batteries were running low after a frenetic morning and lunchtime provided a welcome refuelling opportunity. Conscious of making healthy choices, the children made careful selections from a range of vegetables in addition to packing in the protein and carbohydrates they would need for the afternoon's challenges... The sound of splashing, the thumping beat of dance music and an intrigued crowd of Highfield students gazing jealously into the pool - what was happening now? Sharon and Suzie had organised an aqua aerobics session to add to the smorgasbord of the day's fitness activities.

It was time to refuel again... the children were presented with a blender and a range of fruit, veg and ingredients such as ginger and spirulina.  They worked in groups to design and prepare a delicious smoothie before heading to the Theatre for their last activity of the day, a yoga session for them and their parents, run by Heidi from Healthflex. The children will continue to focus on health and fitness and are looking forward to welcoming parents back to the Healthy Breakfast in a few weeks' time.

Miss Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Class Teacher

Year 4 Drum Up DT Skills

Highfield Year 4 DT Lesson

Year 4 have been exploring other cultures and traditions during their curriculum this term. To supplement their learning they have been busy designing and building their own African inspired drums in their Design & Technology lessons. They have to build everything from scratch! To kick start the build they designed patterns for their drums and laser cut them into card. This was then folded to form the drum walls. They will then use the traditional spoke shave and surform to create their own drum sticks and the vacuum former, pin hammer, paints and paint brushes to complete their drums.

Mr Jamie Dew, Head of Design Technology

Year 5 Landscapers

Highfield Year 5 Geography lesson

This week, in Geography, children have been reviewing what they have learnt about grid references to allow them to consolidate their new geographical knowledge. Using the interactive whiteboard and good old-fashioned plasticine children recreated the height and shape of different landscapes. They carefully studied the contour lines on the OS maps to work out how steep or gentle the relief of the land was and then modelled or drew the hills. Children were asked to critique their peers and were asked “do you agree?”, “what would you change?” and “how would you model it differently?”

Mr James Figgis, Head of Geography

Year 6 Compose A Melody

Highfield Year 6 composing in Music Technology lesson

Inspired by the gathering of the orchestra this term, Year 6 are looking at all things orchestral. They have been learning about its development from the Baroque to Romantic Era as well as building on their knowledge of the instruments and instrument families. This week they put their knowledge of melody to the test but writing their very own score in the Music Technology suite. So that every child has the experience of being part of an orchestra, later this term, each set will be forming their own in a rendition of 'Frère Jacques' playing either recorder, percussion or their own instruments. 

Mrs Mary Hall, Music Teacher

U12A Success Against Hall Grove

Highfield U12A Netball match against Hall Grove School

A magical afternoon of high quality Netball in the winter hail and rain! All players demonstrated excellent game awareness and court order, which has been their focus in training sessions, as well as strong passing and receiving skills. and good speed and agility around the court. Footwork and maintaining possession of the ball was tricky in the wet and windy conditions, but everyone worked hard to correct errors and win the ball back, showing great sportsmanship. Milly and Freya played a great match in the defensive third, making many interceptions and securing rebounds. Confident shooting from Issie and Lucy and great use of space and passing into the goal third from Charlotte, Selina, Poppy, Jemima and Sonia results in a 23-1 win!

Helene Pidebios, U12A Netball Coach

U13s Take On Westbourne House

Highfield U13 Boys' Hockey against Westbourne House School

U13Cs started strongly, moving the ball from the back to the side and channelling our attack down the flanks. Westbourne showed some strong stick skills and had a good number of attacks, however, our defence stood strong and we managed to clear the ball. Our first goal came from a noble attack down the left, Tom Webster fired the ball across the D for it to beat every player, but not the post, it rebounded in play for Will Copson to convert. In the second half we changed formation to 2.3.3 and used the slope to generate a good deal of go forward. We started solidly with the back two of Archie Read and Tom Sinclair moving the ball wide and finding the gaps in order to play the ball through. A decent attack down the right and Olly Langley moved the ball across the D for Will Copson to complete his brace. At this point the heavens opened, first came rain, then hail, then increased wind. Both sides, to their credit, battled on. Toby MacColl and Archie Smith worked hard in midfield and generated a good deal of chances. Freddie Griffith made some comfortable saves when required and his kicking was of particular note. Javier Sanjuanbenito Fernandez and Ed Langley worked hard in defence and as striker respectively, rounding of a very promising performance.

U13Ds started the first half well, charging down the hill taking full advantage of the slope. We created a number of chances passing the ball nicely and finding space on the wings. Shots were saved and the post had been rattled before we finally got the goal we deserved. 1-0. Despite the uphill battle in the second half we pressed onwards (and upwards) managing to fire another past the Westbourne keeper. 2-0. However, after being subject to a period of intense pressure with some fantastic saves made by keeper Eli Atkins, the boys' defence finally cracked allowing Westbourne to claw one back. 2-1. As the game drew to a close the hail came down thick and fast but the boys stayed strong to the final whistle.

Mr Richard Dunn and Mr Fraser Murphy, U13 Boys' Hockey Coaches

Highfield House Points

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Minty Delliere 25 • Dougie Hogg 19 • Peter Zhesterov 17 • Maximus Fiennes 16 •  Queena Gu 16 •  Caspar Harriss 15

Agincourt 12 • Trafalgar 11.6 • Waterloo 10.7

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Imogen Knight 53 • Maximus Fiennes 46 • Destiny Williams 43 • Coco Bendon 40 • Edward Hewlett 35 • George Barraclough 31 • Tallulah Bateman 31 • Michelle Liu 31 • Georgie Sincock 31

Agincourt 39 • Waterloo 34.9 • Trafalgar 34.6

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

 Thea Porter 30 • Georgie Manning 27 • Hattie Glaister 27

Agincourt 8.2 • Trafalgar 6.9 • Waterloo 5.8

Brookham House Points

Ash 207 • Willow 203 • Oak 185

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