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Despite yesterday’s miserable weather, World Book Day at Highfield and Brookham, with all its colour, energy and imagination, lifted spirits like a warm Summer breeze. The ingenuity and creativity of children (parents!) and colleagues was everywhere to be seen as we were treated to read on...

Mr Phillip Evitt, Headmaster at Highfield School

Nursery Traditional Tales

Brookham Nursery on World Book Day

Books and storytelling have a vital role to play in the early development of children and are always an integral part of a day in Nursery. Not only do they entertain and inform the children, but they also help them to develop their imagination, empathy for other people and, crucially, provide an excellent way of extending vocabulary and understanding of pattern in language. This week, Bear Cubs were very excited to mark World Book Day by coming to school dressed as their favourite characters from traditional stories and fairy tales. Bears Cubs enjoyed listening to and re-enacting many of their favourite stories and were particularly entertained by their teachers version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! It was fantastic to see how engaged and animated they all were when exploring, retelling and acting out their favourite tales.

Mrs Samantha Foster, Head of Nursery

Reception - Dabbling Ducklings

Brookham Reception With Ducklings

Reception children had their patience tested this week and they certainly learnt that good things come to those who wait. They had a special delivery of duckling eggs on Tuesday morning and they quickly stole the lime light for the week. The children watched and waited longingly for them to hatch. Whilst waiting patiently the children observed the eggs closely and drew detailed pictures. The children also made posters that have been stuck around the school to remind others to be quiet and considerate when they are near the ducklings. The ducklings finally hatched on Thursday much to the children's delight. They were left in awe at the new life they saw growing in front of their eyes.

Mrs Jessie Millsom, Reception Class Teacher

Year 1 Physically And Mentally Healthy

Brookham Year 1 at Swimming Gala

The importance of being physically and mentally healthy, in terms of diet, exercise and a balanced lifestyle is the focus of our learning in PSHE this term. The children have been working collaboratively across the year group and they are beginning to recognise how good it feels when they make healthy choices. For example, the children explored how they could make up their minimum hour of daily exercise which they found they could do easily. The Annual Year 1 Swimming Gala was a fantastic opportunity to put this into practice, whilst showcasing their talent and progress. The rapturous applause from parents and children added an extra element of healthy competition.

Mrs Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 Inspired By Julia Donaldson

Brookham Year 2 on World Book Day

Gruffalos, Witches, Stick Men, Highway Rats and Tabby McTats - what a fantastic array of characters we had in Year 2 for World Book Day! Julia Donaldson's wonderful rhythmic, rhyming books have been our focus this year and the children have all developed a love for their own favourite characters. The children were so animated throughout the day, asking teachers and their classmates to guess who they were and keen to discuss their ideas behind their costumes. A pop-up shop run by Haslemere Book Shop, appeared in the library in the afternoon which allowed the children to peruse and discover brand-new books to continue their passion for reading and stories.

Mrs Kerri Wilkes, Head of Year 2

Year 3 Wow Their Audience

Brookham Year 3 Spring Concert

The Spring Informal Concert on Tuesday was, undoubtedly, the biggest so far. Over sixty children from Years 1, 2 and 3 took part in a varied and thoroughly entertaining programme. It takes time and commitment to prepare for these occasions and I’m always so impressed with how confidently they get up and share their pieces. There were polished performances on the piano, recorder, flute and, to the particular delight of the children, the drums. Mr Saunders, the drumming teacher, brought not one, but two drum kits down and we heard Freddie and Harry playing ‘We Will Rock You’. The Year 3 choir brought the concert to a close with songs from 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', an energetic, phantasmagorical finale. I never fail to be impressed by just how courageous the children are. Term on term, we see their playing flourish, some even performing on two instruments.

Mrs Mary Hall, Music Teacher

Year 4 Celebrate The World Of Books

Year 4 Highfield on World Book Day

World Book Day kicked off with with a themed assembly by 4H. They acted out scenes from Mr Nobody's Eyes, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ballet Shoes and Horrid Henry, all books that they have recently read. The audience then had to guess which book the scene was from. They finished the assembly by performing the Solar System Song, with musical accompaniment from our four guitarists, which has helped us remember the order and properties of our planets in the Milky Way.

During guided reading 4S were challenged to guess who their classmates had come dressed as before they continued reading their class book ‘Journey to Jo’burg’. Inspired by the spirit of World Book Day the class broke out into a lengthy discussion about the main characters - what their opinion was of them, what personality traits they had and how they might dress up as them on next year's World Book Day.

Order in the court! 4MP took to the courts for a controversial case presided over by Judge Jenner. Animals in the wild versus animals in captivity. Passionate arguments on both sides included representation from the zoo vet, conservationists, tourists, zoo keepers and campaigners for Roam Free Foundation. Unanimous verdict from the jury - animals should be in the wild. 

Mrs Susannah de la Haye, Mrs Charlie Peerless and Louise Doven, Year 4 Class Teachers

Year 5 Viking Adventures

Highfield Year 6 at Open Box Theatre Viking Workshop

Year 5 hoisted the sails on their very own long ships this week. They enjoyed an immersive workshop by the Open Box Theatre Company as they looked back at the lives of the Vikings, why they left their homelands and how they elected their leaders. Using their imagination, improvisation and historical knowledge, children chopped down wood, crafted the keel and completed building their very own long ship before they headed off to the Battle of Ragnarök. Only if they died in battle would they cross the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard, the world of the Aesir tribe of gods, with Midgard, the world of humanity.

Mr Richard Dunn, History Teacher

Year 6 - The Chicken Or The Egg

Highfield Year 6 Living Eggs

Year 6 had a wonderful surprise walking into their Biology lesson this week - ten chicken eggs! As always, this proved to be a great hit with all the children (and adults) and it is lovely to see the fascination children have with baby animals. After a couple of days in the incubator they duly hatched and we now have ten fluffy chicks in the Science Department. Lots of children witnessed the magic of a chick hatching out and all will have the chance to spend some time with them over the next couple of weeks. They have already spent a night in the Boarding House and once they are a little more hardy they will go 'on the road' and visit different classrooms. Next week sees the start of Science Week so the chicks are a lovely way to start this off. 

Mr Andy Baker, Head of Science

Year 7 and 8 UKMT Team Challenge

Highfield Year 7 and Year 8 at UKMT Competition

On Wednesday Joshua, Tom, Harry and William from Years 7 and 8 visited Churcher's College for the UKMT Team Challenge Regional Finals. They had some tough competition as most of the other 26 teams were made up of Year 8s and 9s. The competition is well established and has been running since 2003. It combines mathematical, communication and teamwork skills as well as a lot of walking! Many of the challenges have a relay element to them, with parts of the challenges being placed at the other end of the room. The children were given strict instructions not to run. Had they awarded a prize for speed walking, Tom would have won it! They have been preparing hard for the competition in a Mathletes Club and came a very respectable 17th out of 27. They worked so well as a team, balancing the conflicting demands of speed, accuracy and athleticism. 

Mrs Sophie Lingham, Maths Teacher

U13s Welcome Lacrosse Season

Highfield U13 v Twyford Lacrosse

An excellent first outing for Larosse Season and the U13As certainly showed their hardiness. They battled the wind, rain, mud and strong opposition from Twyford School. There was superb attacking play from Martha and Florrie and steady defending from Sophia and Millie with Most Valued Player going to Katie Clark. The match ended with an impressive score of 6 goals to 2 for a clear victory against Twyford in some very tricky playing conditions.

Despite the conditions, the U13Bs played with conviction and enthusiasm, which translated into a fantastic result, 10-2. Highlights included Florence Hardwick scoring four goals and Lara Merino scoring a fantastic goal in her first ever appearance on the Lacrosse field!

Natalie McIntosh and Arabella Jennings, U13 Lacrosse Coaches

Highfield House Points

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Minty Delliere 38 • Dougie Hogg 23 • Peter Zhesterov 18 • Queena Gu 18 • Maximus Fiennes 17 • Caspar Harriss 17

Trafalgar 14.4 • Agincourt 14 • Waterloo 12.7

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Imogen Knight 57 • Eliza Palmer 57 • Poppy Reid 54 • Maximus Fiennes 50 • Destiny Williams 47 • Roxy Rogers 41

Agincourt 48.7 • Trafalgar 43.7 • Waterloo 43.6

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

 Georgie Manning 50 • Lucy Salusbury 45 • Sonia Yaroslavska 38

Agincourt 8.2 • Trafalgar 6.9 • Waterloo 5.8

Brookham House Points

Oak 302 •  Willow 299 • Ash 259

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